if MC is abandoned, I must abandon Suunto watch

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    I have used Ambit since 2012; I have had Ambit, Ambit2, Ambit3.
    I make trekking in mountains afoot and especially in MTB.
    I use Ambit to follow tracks that I don’t know and to record those that I do.

    I don’t almost never use the App because I cannot almost do there nothing, except to load the traces from Ambit to Web.

    I list some functions that I cannot do with the App but only on the PC:

    • to look for the moves done (from the App it is not easy, I see only the date and not the description; I see only the most recent; then I don’t see all data)

    • to analyze data of tracks done for every point (time, heart rate, speed, …)

    • to load tracks on the clock.

    • to modify tracks (a lacking function in MC, however I can do it with other sw on the PC)

    • to create new tracks with the mouse in function Map (very smart)

    Even if the functions on the App will be enriched,
    on the phone the screen won’t be never as large as that of the PC
    and a finger will be never a pointing system as precise as a mouse (to see the data in every point of the track)

    The bottom line is: if MC is abandoned, I must abandon Suunto watch

  • This was my first reaction also at first but then after few days of searching I found out that you can use Sport Tracker for everything (almost at least) you can do in MC. My personal opinion is that route planning tool is way better than in MC.

    I really don’t understand why they don’t tell this straight away when you download the app. Really bad branding from Suunto

  • @FinnsAway Please, you could shoot your opinion wherever you want but, please again, don’t lie, don’t confuse people. You must perfectly know that Sports-Tracker is a thousand miles from MC. And it doesn’t matter what you do or prefer to do in the website about your workouts. This point is a non discussed matter at all.

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