The worldwide Suunto community NEEDS an offline software solution for legacy Ambit watches.

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    Re: Important news concerning our digital services

    Extremely disappointing to hear the discontinuation of MovesCount.

    I purchased my Ambit2 in 2013 and it has been my go to solution for recording and planning routes. My Ambit2 actually saved me from calling a helicopter rescue at the summit of Ben Nevis, when I activated the “Track Back” feature that guided me back to safety and below the snowline. Ever since that incident, I have had huge admiration for my Ambit2 and wear it with pride.

    Since learning of Suunto’s announcement to stop supporting my watch it has been a great disappointment.

    I need to upload GPX routes to my watch and download route data.

    The worldwide Suunto community NEEDS an offline software solution for legacy Ambit watches.

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    I am totally agree with you. I have an AMBIT.

  • Completely agree, I think SUUNTO’s move shows a complete disregard for loyal customers. I have a similar issue for a QUEST watch. I bought the watch with the runners’ pack (including chest strap and foot-pod) and it met my requirements for indoor training so well that I bought two!! I’m still on the first one. While it’s convenient to have an on-line record accessible from different devices, I’d sacrifice the on-line accessibility for off-line compatibility.

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    I do not follow the Suunto news that much and was only aware of these developments the e-mail sent out by Suunto end of April.

    Offline or Online doesn’t really matter.
    But any replacement should have the same capabilities as Movescount.
    For me movescount is perfect, so in my opinion “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

    My father was an avid Ambit user. Hiking, Climbing, Trekking, Running, Alpinism - Winter & Summer.
    After a while I got jealous and bought my Ambit 2 late 2014.
    The first Ambit 3 was already out by then, but as I didn’t need the wireless connectivity for tracking heart rate while swimming, or connectivity to a smart phone and was on a budget, I purchased the Ambit 2.

    At had everything I needed and still checks all the boxes today.
    For me it looked better than a Garmin or Polar, because I felt I could do more with it then just go running or cycling (for example by having the many different sport modes, which I could even customise).

    So my vote goes to a platform that can be accessed on a pc, where I can upload data, download routes I create, create sport modes, … and connect with my cable.

    What is the best way to follow the news on this subject and where can we show Suunto that we would not like movescount to disappear?

  • Yes, this is absolutely essential!! I don’t get it why Suunto cannot offer a simple piece of offline SW that would transfer the date to/from the watch to start with? Or, better still, why they do not open the USB communication protocol for the Ambit so people could come up with their own code? What are they afraid off?

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