This is the info I have collected, is it right?

  • Hi! I own a Spartan since 2017 and now after my girlfriend got hers I am starting to explore everything related to SuuntoApp, which I igored until today.

    I may be repeating an already answered question, but I have taken my time to search for info and I am still confused, so I would like to show what I think I know so anyone can confirm me how close am I:

    • Suunto is slowly abandoning Movescount to push SuuntoApp. Syncing with both is not compatible, and even a new login is required (this one already knew).

    • They will abandon Movescount in 2020 so the migration is mandatory.

    • SuuntoApp has no a related official web as Movescount had. I am assuming Suunto App is neither compatible with that web. So primarily seems that SuuntoApp is more mobile focused, but… (next)

    • Somewhere I read that is the real place where SuuntoApp stores the info, and you can even use the same login as SuuntoApp. I wonder if this one is official or if there will be an upcoming new official web.

    • And last, but not least, did they ever mentioned if RunKeeper will be among the other track service syncing that they will include (as they are doing with Strava)?

    Well, thank you very much. I am not happy at all with this, if fact I find very hard to understand how could Suunto approved to make such a huge migration of users and data without providing the tools to make it safe and easy. The right thing would be to bother the user the less possible and not to delegate the responsability on him. I don’t know.



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    That pretty much sums it up.

    I don’t really mind the fact that Suunto tends to abandon Movescount (altough it was a great platform). As long as they offer plenty of options to sync to other platforms and/or let me export my moves in FIT/GPX files.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that Suunto pushes the users to an app that lacks a lot of basic features at the moment. That prevents me to use some great features of my new Suunto 9 simply because the app hasn’t implemented it yet.

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    .FIT and .GPX are lowest common denominator formats which only offer a subset of MovesCount features.

    For one, .FIT doesn’t define roller skating activity, so I would have to manually tweak all my moves from the last 8 years of daily workouts.

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