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    I am one of those at the moment that will not make the move to SuuntoApp. It is simply far to lacking in what data it can present to me for post-move analaysis (even when using Sports Tracker via a web browser), inability to export GPX data (which I need for proof of route) and clumsy route planning.

    However, hopefully Suunto during this year will take stock and produce a “service” that rivals or exceeds Movescount. What I do find worrying though is Suuntos ethos of releasing products that to be quite frank are not ready or fit for purpose. The Spartan was a prime example. Only in the last few months is it capable of doing what it should have been at release. Why rush to release a product when it’s not ready. Wow your customers with amazing complete products not frustrate the hell out them because they cannot do the basics. I’ve have had many many Suunto watches over the years (lost, trashed etc) but still use an Ambit1 and a 9. Importantly all were brought knowing that behind them was Movescount. SA currently is not fit for purpose. When Movescount disappears, should SA and it’s web-based counterpart (I’m assuming there will be one!) not at least be on par I will be one of the many many customers you will lose.

  • Hear, hear and second that! I’m really p’d off with this dumbing down and unwarranted push to obsolescence.

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