sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family

  • for the ones who are interested, random sampling of uploads during Jan.15 (yesterday) in the morning (7-8) and noon time (11-12) each consecutive upload during that timeslot separated by device type and grouped by device family for 310+ activities as subset of total uploads that day, Suunto3/2/1/Traverse accounts nearly half of the total uploads, Suunto: time to think for a minute about this split and your customer experience …


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    how do you get this?

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    Probably you miss 250K users that only use SA ;-D

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos only uploads, right, SA don’t let me see this data 🙂

  • @Saketo-Nemo parsing the move ID to the server and check the device field in return

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    @Tobias-F With all due respect and kudos for the great chart and analysis (edit: terrific!), I’m seeing it slightly differently.

    Ambit3 can be easily supported in the new Suunto app as it is BLE enabled and I believe work is being done on enhancing this device’s integration. So, it’s hardly a biggie. Just like you can record with Movescount app (6.4% in your sample), you can do so with Suunto app.

    The remaining and mostly older devices, i.e. Ambit 2, Ambit 1 and so on barely comprise 7%, the number that is going to drop as people upgrade in coming years. And this is before we take current Suunto app users who no longer rely on Movescount into account, or Suunto 3 Fitness users who can only use Suunto app.

    If anything, this chart proves Suunto made the right call, I’m afraid.

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    @NickK this

  • @NickK it’s not intended for a flame war but more for some comments here in the forum past day that Ambit 2/3 doesn’t really matter as the devices are old and the user account too low these days, that is wrong as I’m trying to argue here with above, if current user of the movescount app switch to SA to records moves (as is seems they don’t do today even with the constant pop up windows appearing) or if Suunto 3/Traverse user switch w/o customization and route/POI topic in SA is another question that depends if they accept SA with then functionality

    you are correct that SA uploads (hence another portion of Suunto9/Spartan an Fitness) not included here, I didn’t say so in above

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    Great point @NickK

    BTW 6,4% record with MCapp. 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱
    I can’t believe🙇

  • @Saketo-Nemo said in sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family:

    BTW 6,4% record with MCapp.
    I can’t believe

    20 in total if needed can share you with the moves id’s for you to check…

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    @Saketo-Nemo said in sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family:

    Great point @NickK

    BTW 6,4% record with MCapp. 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱
    I can’t believe🙇

    OMG that is also my response. Did not look at those latelty. No matter why people whant HR belt support with SA.

    On the user funnel, I can see that the MC app only users have a watch paired so in can be that eg they forgot the watch etc. Not 100% sure.

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    @Tobias-F I understand, no flame war here. I think we can agree though Ambit2 and older devices are kind of oldish, and will be older still a few years from now. Even Ambit3, which can be easily supported in the new app, isn’t exactly a spring chicken. It was released in 2014, around the time when original Garmin Fenix and Fenix 2 came out. Can you compare either of those to the Fenix 5+ of today, really?

    I understand Ambits still work perfectly fine and nothing is wrong with them – but this doesn’t change the fact that Ambit will be almost 10 years old, and Ambit3 will be pushing on 6-7 years – eternity for sports watches nowadays.

    There’s another consideration your chart doesn’t capture: trends. It’s quite possible there’s a steep decline in the number of uploads from older units as people upgrade. We don’t really know what the trend curve looks like. Or how steep it is.

  • I would agree Ambit 1 & 2 are great watches from another age, and it has some sense to give a time limit for their support. This is strictly a business decision and have some reasons. Maybe it would be better to give those users a clarification or better explanation, even an offer to renew their devices.

    But I can’t agree with losing features and capabilities with the migration. In any way. I manage my whole sport life strictly from my computers (home, work, portable…). I can’t believe I’m the only one in the world doing the hard work in a “hard-work-ready” device, nor in a handy one, like a smartphone or a tablet. Jobs like:
    *check your bests
    *analyze deeply a workout (merge data in a graph, pan, zoom, re-study the issues…)
    *compare data from similar (or identical) workouts
    *create/edit tracks
    *even customizing sport modes, is by far easier in a PC than in a phone screen
    I just need a phone app to sync my workouts to the cloud (from my watch manufacturer), and check it was right uploaded. It’s cool if you could upload a picture and rename it. More than this, candies are welcome, but totally needless for me.

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    @NickK I learned something today. Spring chicken.

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    @ColdBeer there we go again

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos Not to be confused with chicken surprise! (As presented in Netflix Troll Hunters series)

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    @NickK said in sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family:

    chicken surprise


  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family:

    that eg they forgot the watch etc

    could be but then most likely they also forgot their HR belt as well or?
    In my opinion why people doing this is if you want to have an online calendar/repository/overview tool for your training activities using the free movescount app and a free account is actually the cheapest way to be part of the movescount community without investing heavily in a watch, the app records your track on the map, speed and altitude from device GPS so if you are happy with that set of data you can operate like this way… my opinion here only and no disrespect to the people using this

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    @Tobias-F agreed 100% on that. I have the same stats looking better on the funnel.

  • @NickK said in sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family:

    Garmin Fenix and Fenix 2

    Garmin Fenix/Fenix2 still connect to Garmin Connect nobody there is pulling the plug, for god sake you can even upload from a forerunner 310XT if you indent to do so…

    as said this is data fact based no trends no speculation what “oldish” device owner might do, I do nto agree with you on this wording…

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    Yes, you can upload from the original Fenix because Garmin is still pretty much running on their original platform. Kudos to them for being able to evolve it. Not everybody can, because not everyone has Garmin’s resources. I’m fairly certain Suunto had some good reasons for deciding not to build on top of Movescount moving forward or for considering pulling a plug on older devices sync.

    The best we can do is to voice our opinion as to what the critically important things are and what a satisfactory solution would be? If we were to distill pages and pages of flame wars for the most part it comes down to having a web interface, a web based repo for the routes that can be edited and pushed to the watch, POI in the routes, and then a few more smaller things like watch customization on the web… Everyone got their pet peeve there.

    Most of these can be easily addressed by a facelift of the existing Sports-Tracker web site!

  • @NickK
    Device being old and not having all the pretty bells and whistles doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly usable anymore. Ambit3 for example was, and still is a great watch (still being sold by Suunto), and features even some functions not available in newer watches.
    My usage scenario is mostly hiking and running and for this purpose Ambit3 is future proof! The battery life is great, GPS accuracy is still a standard for other watches, it has barometer, BT connectivity etc. It’s old (even if my A3P is still under warranty), but it should be up to me if and when I will decide to retire it. Not Suunto!
    They are selling very expensive equipment and are doing their best to present them as durable, quality devices, used by professionals. How come then they are now taking the right to make the decision to effectively disable some devices by shutting down the whole platform for managing them and not giving users any real alternative. That is very mean and possible illegal in some countries and certainly very bad marketing for all possible future customers. When we bought our watches, we were not informed they had a limited lifespan and that it could become obsolete just by Suunto’s decision even if the hardware functions perfectly.
    In my opinion, Suunto should provide an alternative software, available to run on user’s local computer, which would provide all or most core functionalities of older watches that they are not going to support anymore. As I said, they could even be obliged to do so in some countries or could be fined.
    I hope that Suunto make this right, as this is really terrible PR. It’s just not OK to inform their customers that their expensive devices are going to be effectively bricked. It was Suunto who made watches so dependent on Movescount plafform and if they don’t want to maintain it anymore, they should come up with an alternative software and/or make it opensource. Otherwise what makes them different from crappy sport watches which cost 5 times less then Suunto’s. They could easily last about the same time.

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    @Emir-Karisik said in sample set uploads Jan.15 by device family:

    Device being old and not having all the pretty bells and whistles doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly usable anymore.

    I think if you read closely what I’ve written, this is exactly what I said. I also said I’d surprised if Ambit3 doesn’t get a path forward being a relatively new device, with Bluetooth support.

    As per Suunto shutting down the service… This is unfortunate. But these things happen fairly often in the brave new world of connected, Internet-enabled devices. Adidas killed SmartRun and miCoach after a few short years. Killed. As in took behind the barn and shot. After a couple of years. Boom! Boom! Like that. Mighty Microsoft, with enough cash in their pockets to buy entire countries, took down Kin, Zune, and Grove Music unceremoniously. Remember Amazon Phone? I’m sure a few poor souls do! Once upon a time Apple’s computers run on PowerPC, not Intel processors. I still remember conversations with a few unhappy owners who had perfectly working laptops that were no longer supported once the switch was over.

    Why should Suunto be required to support everything until the last device of its kind croaks and a request to send flowers comes to Vantaa?

    Ambit owners at least got many years to enjoy their watch. A sad nerdy teen who grabbed Microsoft Kin didn’t get even that!

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    The problem with this is my and probably many other individuals are syncing with 3rd party phone apps! My S9 is not in your pie chart distribution as my upload is done by RunGap!

  • Not good enough. Suunto’s core business is selling high quality, durable devices, mostly for professionals. That being said, we all paid couple of times more money than for other manufacturers devices, just because we trusted them they would last. I don’t care about Adidas, they will continue to sell shoes and clothes. What will happen with suunto if users lose this trust in them? Companies you named as example mostly left the business of these products. Is that suunto’s intention too? I don’t think so, but it might as well be the case whether they want it or not after this PR fiasco.

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