Support for using DM5 to upload to Suunto app.i.e. Dive watches HelO2, Vyper, Zoop, etc.

  • I own several Hel02 and Vyper dive watches. I am sure the majority of divers also use either the Vyper or the Zoop and sync using DM5. I hope suunto plans on keeping a majority of the dive community business by allowing some sort of support for all the divers out there. It’s too big of a market share for them to think we will all buy new watches. These watches costs hundreds to thousands of dollars and we expect some quality of support for being able to transfer our information to our computer/web. Works great right now with DM5 and moves account. Just wondering if Suunto will keep that model and then do a backend transfer from moves account to the Suunto app in 2020 or sooner, or develop a DM5 update that would sync to the new app instead.

    Suunto… please make your intentions clear to the dive community… you’re a respected quality brand for your dive watches and compasses. i.e. will DM5 still be supported?.. will movesaccount still work for us? etc.

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