MC Web and App down 2020

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    Well, first of all i’m not surprised. Just sad for the exit web. For me MCweb represents yet the Suunto’s spirit. It’s very difficult to explain a aura in this platform! So many memories… It will not be easy for any company to do something so good as MCweb.

    - Up to a point we saw that both platforms did not bring new things;
    - With the development of SA we saw that all energies were being directed to the new application;
    - There were rumors and tips in this forum and in social networks. I have been bringing “provocations” and when there are no clear answers, we know there is something to be decided.

    I think mc app was dead sentence signed at some point. And is fair. Were always many limitations and omissions.
    Just and only for the “Workout planner” … There is still no solution.

    It is my belief that many people today were disturbed by the announcement. And the web component is important for all that has been said for so many people. We do not know what would be repercussions for Suunto’s business. But customer evaluation is crucial. After all, it is what dictates the success of a brand.

    At this point we can only hope that the most wanted features found in MC and pointed in this forum and FB can quickly reach to Suunto’s new mobile platform for minimize this strange sensation. It’s also my conviction that for many people tolerance is shorter now.

    However, I wanted to give a word of encouragement to developers. But the clock now does not stop. Someone put even more pressure on your shoulders!

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