What about Suunto Ambit2?

  • With the new app, will be able to optimize my Gps settings?

    What about transfering my trainings?


  • And the Ambit

  • by the current reading what Suunto announced today no, they simply decided to decapitate everything that is older as an Ambit3 (includes Ambit 1&2, T3/4/6 series, Quest and lot of dive computers) and literally spitting into their customer faces with this move from an open web platform as movescount was to an closes and device centric app concept that don’t support old devices and is not even feature complete, sorry for the news, I’m same angry as you probably are right now… let Suunto directly know what you think about this in contacting them via “support-en@suunto.com
    and include your customer protection board in country of residence in opy for this planned obsolescence
    by Suunto

  • @Tobias-F I legitimately don’t get how Movescount was (is) an open platform. It was a proprietary cloud service, that you could only access with Suunto devices (no import from other platforms for activities - thus for instance making it harder to switch from another brand to Suunto), with late and limited compatibility with other services - only “outbound” - and a very closed API.

    This has nothing to do with the lack of support for older devices (even if, for instance, the T-series was launched way before Movescount existed) - which is of course one of the issues here. But I can’t understand how Movescount would be “open”.

  • @Spree with open ‘open’ I mean you could access it through every webbrowser that support HTML5 and javascript regardless of your actual (hardware) device, the SA is limited to iOS and Android and you need to install the app on the particular device you want to use it, no Windows, no Linux for reviewing your workout data… import wise you are right in the need of moveslink/moveslink2/suuntolink on or the old movescount app

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