Work on a big screen calmly in the office and simpler than on a 5 inch screen !!! To follow but maybe Suunto looks to finish like Nokia ....

  • Why 5 inch screen ? it does not get inside a pocket.
    3.8 inch screen is sufficient and best for a portable phone, and 27 inch screen comfortable for a desktop to synchronize the watch, tune the settings and look at the activity records while recharging the battery with the handy USB cable device. I just bought a Spartan last week after checking the Movecount website.

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    @LE_COQ @Spartiate We don’t know if Suunto will finally do a Web App for SA or not (I expect that will do, and I’m asking for that since Nov2017), but actually you could:

    • Routes: use any of the 3rdparty services for create routes, and then import in SA mobile and sync with your watch
    • Analyze data: export data to Strava/Endomondo/Training Peaks to analyze your data. Other providers has announced their integration with SA (as Runalyze has done)

    Sure SA will grow in features, done by Suunto or 3rdparty developers.


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