iOS 1.5.1 (6754)

  • Changes:
    • Add day type to calendar and day view
    • Watch introductions for D5, EON Steel, EON Core and Spartans
    • Change watch update URL for MoreInfo button
    • Updated dive assets
    • New highlight blink color
    • Add .map share option
    • Add daily goals to settings
    • Add steps during workout to workout summary
    • Add possibility to create route from Workout
    • Import GPX file and create route from it
    • Add calendar navigation to day view
    • Add activities to day view
    • Add calories, step, sleep to day view
    • Use Mapbox for all targets when creating shareable map image
    • Default photo for sharing dives

    • Missing ‘create route from activity’ button
    • App slows when logbook grows
    • Add a comment -button missing in diary
    • Share button should be invisible for other user’s photos
    • Don’t update tracking analysis when app is in the background
    • Graph and map not matching in Suunto app
    • profile image and following info missing
    • Fix launch crash on iPad in landscape
    • Fixed the symbol between minutes and seconds in x-axis in charts
    • Fix layout constraint with long user name
    • Image not shown in workout summary sometimes
    • Wrong ‘wake up’ time in the app
    • Hide share if video is selected
    • Long username overlaps icons in feed and diary
    • Missing “network not available” in onboarding fb button
    • Fix/Remove text from navigation

    Known issues and limitations:
    • Some devices do not support Sport Mode customization at the moment:

    • All Spartan devices with ESW lower than 2.0.42
    • With 2.0.42 customization is supported, but sport mode names cannot be changed

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