This forum..

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    …just wanted to say that I really enjoy the forum here, its very easy to use and navigate. I like the design and overall usability. I those many years here in the internet, this is one of the best forum software I am using, really like it.

    Oh, and the users are nice too! Hope all of you have a good day…


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    @jthomi Thanks!

    you made my day. It’s good to hear some good feedback from people like you.
    Indeed the community/users here are nice.

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    I would like to ask about the purpose of this forum to know if it make sense to contribute in here.

    We know that Dimitrios is forum manager thats clear.

    I would like to know if somebody directly from Suunto is checking reported feedbacks & issues or maybe Dimitri is doing some summary for Suunto guys.

    Just to be sure that our contribution will be taken into account or to know how its the process in the background.

    And maybe this infos can be written in forum rules.


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    @andrejfit hey, good questions.

    First of all @Jouko-from-Suunto is managing as well this forum and he is, well from Suunto. 🙂

    There are other people of suunto reading these forums and the issues reported, if that is needed.

    Me and @Jouko-from-Suunto help on passing all the bugs and issues that are reported, periodically and get them from fixing if they are valid of course (we didn’t have any invalid so far 😮 ) . The same applies to feature and suggestions. You might have noticed already there is a subcategory at issues and bugs with the name resolved, where all the fixed ones end.

    Rest assured that we and Suunto do listen

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    @dimitrios-kanellopoulos thanks for explanation.
    I think its good setup and way how to reach solutions. 👍

  • I’ve always (since I joined) had the feeling of being listened on this forum. Being a smaller company (compared to some competitors, u know…) can have some disadvantages but one of the good things should be that we can influence the roadmap at a certain level. And I think this is being well managed by Suunto within this forums. In fact I miss the same kind of forum but regarding the watch itself and not only focused on the app.

    And this will become even better when the Android app gets released, as I guess a big portion of the Suunto customers is using such OS.

    So thanks guys for listening and taking our feedback to the devs and pushing such a close relationship between the brand the customers. IMHO it creates value.

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    @alberto-yoldi there are suggestions for a bigger scope of the forum eg watches etc. At the moment there is a category lounge that you can talk there about these subjects.

    However a more official suunto watch forum would be great. Now we are at 4 months max with this forum. Let’s see how it goes and fyi the discussion is there.

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    Great news Dimitrios.