@Petri-Väisänen said in Zwift for cycling:

@Mads-Hintz-Madsen thank you for this suggestion, I’m going to try this. Have you seen any connection issues with Zwift and indoor trainer having a watch recording the ride? I think it’s basically broadcasting only so I wouldn’t expect any issues there?

Hi Petri! I have not had any connection issues. As you said the watch just records the broadcasted signal from the indoor trainer which doesn’t affect the Zwift connection.

But there is one issue that one could face is if you want to use Bluetooth to connect the trainer to Zwift and the watch. If the trainer only supports 1 Bluetooth connection then this won’t work as you need two Bluetooth connections (1 for Zwift and 1 for the watch).

My Wahoo Kicker supports 2 (or is it even 3?) Bluetooth connections so I have no issue with using a full Bluetooth setup.

One workaround is to use ANT+ connection from the trainer to the computer running Zwift and use Bluetooth from the trainer to the watch. This is in fact the setup I normally use.