@Siro84 said in Workout edit/create support for Ambit 3: @Brad_Olwin Do you have an idea when you will implement that feature in the suunto app and will there be a transfer function from movescount to suunto app (I got quite a lot structured interval workouts). Thank you As was stated before, structured workouts are the Pandora’s box here. I don’t implement any features, I am like you, a participant in the forum and when the call for moderators came I answered. Neither I nor anyone else on this forum can answer the question regarding complex intervals. Personally, I think the effort to implement this feature on the Ambits was difficult and the hearsay that has been batted around the forum is that far few users took advantage of the feature. Speaking for myself, I do quite a few complex intervals with my coaching group but I would not set them up in the watch as there are too many variables that change the times and so, I would nearly always be at the wrong place in a complex interval. I just use my lap button and know the zones I want to hit or distances or paces. Much simpler. So I can see both sides of this issue. I am satisfied with the current interval status.