@margusl said in In the new Suunto App is it possible to use apps that were created within the Suunto App Zone in Movescount???:

@ElTron-ElTron , everyone has different priorities (just look at the post above yours), I have only few apps that are built for logging, all the rest are for real-time guidance. You could just keep using Movescount as long as its data import & analysis are still available. And once the Move upload gets disabled, you still have an option to fall back to Moveslink2 cable sync & SML files and parse those yourself to plot app data. Moveslink2 is happy generate those SMLs for you while working offline, with no Movescount connectivity. Or look into Openambit, there now seems to be Windows support.

Of course trashing your watch is an option like any other, from Suunto’s point of view this is almost the best thing you could do - by unplugging the unit from their ecosystem for good (not selling it / passing it on), you release small yet measurable amount of their resources.

Just saying that I personally wouldn’t bet on anything Ambit-specific to be added into Suunto App. I’m happy to change my stance on this once there’s some progress with much simpler and more generic issues like data from powermeters. Oh heck, just any visible change towards Ambits might do, last one was over 16 months ago.

So it’s either adapting or moving on.

BTW, I was dead-serious on SML-files, there’s something oddly satisfying about processing those, especially when going through data that’s normally not sent out to MC & SA services.

Ok, thanks. I did know Openambit yet but I was thinking that they only gave support for Linux user. Perhaps if now there also for Windows I will take a look.

I know were slm flies are located. They are at:

The difficult thing is how to put in a readable form all the information contained in these files.

Another thing is that the program given by GitHub for Openambit are not compiled and I don’t know how to obtain an executable program.