@дима-мельниченко you shouldn’t to wait, the routes transferred over straight away for me. As in, i click save on desktop, unlock phone and opwn Suunto App and the routes are there. It’s genuinely amazing how fast it is.

I love plotaroute! Simply love it! But getting routes across to Sunnto is a bit of a faff - download the gpx file to my desktop, upload to Google Drive, open Suunto App on phone, upload gpx file in from Google Drive.
It’s a first world problem, but it’s more of a faff than the Komoot auto sync.

However, The ease of the Komoot auto sync is undone somewhat by the sheer insane amount of waypoints it plots! I get having a waypoint where there is a change in direction, but when I run past a turning I do not need a waypoint telling me to “Continue Straight” as I will do that until told otherwise.
So the time I save by using the auto sync is completely undone by having to remove roughly 80% of the auto generated waypoints.

Again, this is all first world problems and either of these options are still better (for me) than creating a route within the Suunto App on the phone.