[11/12/2019] - Important Digital Service Update

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in [11/12/2019] - Important Digital Service Update:

    @cosmecosta I am not reading anything about movescount + Spartans

    I read about moveslink that is for non BT watches

    Well, the mail that I received talks about Moveslink2, that is for Ambit3 & Traverse (maybe more models) that are Bluetooth and when it talks about Movescount doesn’t mention any watch model. I’m talking about the email that I received just 2 hours ago.

    The links in the email go to November the 5th comunication but I am assuming that is a new communication, not the November one. If its the November one, sorry for the misunderstanding but I do not understand why I have received the email more than a month after the official communication…😮 😮

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    @cosmecosta the part about movescounts, moveslink, etc. is the same as in the November 5th update.

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    true for most everything accept routes and particularly stand alone poi. For backcountry use, being able to do this with a phone app is pretty important. Yea, I plan ahead, but might want to sync a last minute poi from a map in the SA to the watch. I get that I’m not gonna get that, but that’s the use-case for needing it on the phone and not from a laptop.

    at least with the ambit watches I can do it manually with a paper map, offline phone map app, and then manually enter the gps coordinates. Pain but doable. For Spartan, S series users, too bad. Not gonna happen unless they update those watch’s firmware to support it.

    Basically, Suunto has bailed on the backcountry traveler crowd. Long live the compass and paper map!

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    @chrish Don’t despair quite yet: it appears that offline phone POI creation and transfer to Spartan/Sx is coming next month-ish (see relevant thread). Waiting to see exactly how the UI works (poke-a-map, tap in coordinates? Labelling?).

    Sadly, I don’t think there are enough of us to campaign for the POI on-watch creation so it’s sort of ironic that the Spartan/Sx touchscreen (with pickers) is so much better adapted for the process than the Ambit’s buttons.

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    Yea, saw that thread. If it shows up, great. I don’t care whether it’s watch based or mobile app based. And frankly, on the Ambit, I can even get by with watch and web based w/ sync if I have to knowing I can manually do a poi or two if necessary. I sold my Spartan and went back to an A3P until this all shakes out. And I’ve got time to wait. Winter now here and I’ve spent the last 3 months on my keister recovering from a backcountry adventure gone bad anyway. We’ll see what spring has to offer from Suunto and my ankle and toes 🙂

  • @chrish Yeah, use cases vary, that’s why it’s complex and difficult to design/develop some features. Even with the most versatile solution there can be exceptions when a solution isn’t suitable for some.
    Take care 🙂

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos So is that a definitive answer that Ambit3 users will never be able to use the Suunto App for route creation/sending to the watch? And that once the last movescount apk is no longer compatible with my mobile device I will only be able to send routes from a PC to my watch?

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    @chrish “Gone bad” without permanent injury, I hope.

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    Ha! Thanks. Not to get off topic to bad. But…

    Permanent injury to my pride. Temporary injury to me. Annual solo backpacking trip out West. Pushing too hard in an unfamiliar environment. Pretty severe ankle sprain, bruised toes (nothing the runner types here aren’t used to), and a mild case of rhabdomyolysis that freaked me out.

    2020 revenge trip in the planning stage 🙂

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    @chrish Also OT: very familiar with chronic pride damage but had not heard of rhabdomyolysis - nasty. And thanks to Wikipedia, I’ll be avoiding darker beers for a while. Which part of out West will feel the wrath of your other ankle (& toes) next year, if I may ask? Must be special if it deserves a second kicking trek.

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    Sierras. And actually 2020 will be a third trip. Second revenge. First 2018 trip shutdown by cold temps there and a hurricane back East that drove me home for work before airports closed (trip window was too short). 2019 injury half way thru my 4 day hike.

    But I’ve got 10 years worth of Sierra bucket list locations stacked up. No shortage of places to backpack there.

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    @chrish Very nice part of the world. Spent an excellent week looping east of Yosemite last fall. Nothing but sun and I failed to injure myself for once. Enjoy Vengeance 2.

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