May Transition Update

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    @TELE-HO said in May Transition Update:

    They also say that Ambit 3 will be supported in the Suunto App. If they keep Ambit 3 supported that would mean to me that general Ambit Apps will be supported as they are the same for all Ambits, right?

    I hope so, I also use Suunto Apps a lot.

  • L’Appli SUUNTO sera t elle accessible depuis un PC sous Windows ?

  • @Bernard-Farsy
    non, n’y pensez pas pour instant.

  • This update should have been a part of january announcement. By now Suunto should have had better idea about the way cable syncing watches will be supported after the transition. Nevertheless, it’s good that finally users of cable syncing watches can rest somehow assured that their watches will not be effectively disabled by manufacturer. Very few details in the update, so we can still only speculate about what features will be supported and what will be lost (if any).

    I only hope that Suunto really speeds things up in development or at least keep Movescount running until app is really ready for end users. I’d hate to be forced to become beta tester for new app and lose access to good old reliable Movescount at the same time.

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    @Emir-Karisik said in May Transition Update:

    I’d hate to be forced to become beta tester for new app and lose access to good old reliable Movescount at the same time.

    really not want to debate on Suunto communication and digital transition, but it is still more than one year before MC should be off. No one is forced to beta test SuuntoApp.

  • @Mff73
    Sure, but keep in mind that half year after SA started to support Ambit3 series, we have zero progress. Call me pessimist but I’m not really sure the app will be ready for Ambit3 series at this rate of development.

    Newer watches still have many problems, bugs list is long and it’s far from being resolved, features added very slowly and every time they are, you have to count on more polishing when bugs are being found by beta testers. So, it’s not unreasonable to expect that it will take similar process and similar amount of time to polish the app with all the features for Ambit3 series.

    So, yes, I’m concerned that we could end up with app in beta state for Ambit3 series watches. My suggestion would be to keep the movescount live for as long as Suunto app is not out of beta (for real).

  • Thank you for the update. As an Ambit 2 user I am very happy to hear a reassurance that my device is not getting bricked next summer. This gives me confidence in making future Suunto Product Purchases. I will also extinguish my torch and put away the pitchfork.

  • Hi! i just ordered an ambit3 (my first suunto). may i ask a question here?
    can i start with movescount and the movescount app as long as it will be supported and wait with the switch to the new one as long as possible?
    and, will i be able to put routes on the ambit3 or change sport settings with the new one?
    thanks for your info!
    kind regards, Mario

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    @mario_b that is what I would do!

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    @mario_b I have the Ambit3, and the New Suunto app do not support rute planning or change the clock’s layout. I have requested the possibility of this on the forum.

  • Hi @KnutB ! yes i know, that this is not possible yet. i will stick as long as it will be possible with the whole movescount system. and as far as i know, here is everything possible. i can use this ecosystem at least until the end of 2019.
    thanks for requesting this functions. i hope, it will be possible sooner or later to put create and sync routes to this watch with the new app. if i can only change the sport-modes on a computer. i think that would not be a big deal to me.

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    @mario_b Unfortunately, unless I’m misunderstanding what Suunto have said, the only functionality that we are confirmed to keep next year (as Ambit3) owners is :

    • synchronization of training data and ability to view and analyze workouts
    • enriching your trainings in Suunto app with images, videos and descriptions
    • social sharing of trainings
    • notifications from your mobile phone on your watch
    • ability to sync to sports services and other partners integrated to Suunto app
    • watch GPS optimization

    So unless anything changes then we will not be able to change sports modes’ fields, upload custom workouts or upload routes next year (unless you manage to hang on to the old Movescount App and a compatible phone/tablet - and even that I’m not 100% sure how much it relies on the availability of the old movescount website / apis).

    Suunto have said “We want to share that we will have a solution to connect to Suunto app in the future. While we are still working on many details and the timing, we wanted…” - so we might keep all the features of the Ambit3 (and older) but its not clear at all which features will be retained.

    My watch is now well out of return period, but if you have bought your watch from a retailer unless you are happy to set-up your sports modes and routes now and then hope Suunto provide a full solution then I would return it…

  • @amasidlover thanks very much for your infos. i was thinking alot on “should i buy it or not”. and now i ordered it. 🙂 as for me it sounds like the perfect sports watch. i am more like a child who is waiting for the christmas present now. 😀
    and as long as suunto is selling it on their homepage with all the specs (for example suunto apps compatible / wireless watch settings, navigation, create routes) there will be anything to do so in future. (otherwise they would have removed the infos in the shop).
    but the time will tell. 🙂 and i think that the developers in the background have priority and more to care about their newest product line and the transition. i know how such big background system changes will be for the admins.
    so as long as i haven’t the watch in my hand and then when i have it. as long as everything works in movescount i think i don’t worry to much about the future.

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    @mario_b I’ve had mine 4 years and done 4216 workouts (!) with it and the watch itself has been pretty much faultless - I’m really hoping Suunto maintain full support it. Hope you get as much use out of yours!

  • @amasidlover WOW thats awesome. that are more then 20 workouts a week. 👍
    mine will for sure have much more “sparetime” then yours. 😉 but i hope that it is as trusty as yours.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos sorry that i mess up this thread with off topic posts. ☺

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    @mario_b no worries. Its common here. Sometimes I join the offtopic drivers as well 😛

    Btw Movescount (aka MC) is not going anywhere for more than a year from now 😉

    Enjoy your watch and use is as a tool to improve your self and enjoy your training.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos thx! i am sure i will.

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    @mario_b Ambit is a lovely watch. Hoping for the full support of the Suunto app as it provides Spartan and newer models

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos Ambit is a lovely watch. Hoping for the full support of the Suunto app as it provides Spartan and newer models

  • @KnutB yes, i think so too. 🙂 especially for example with that gps antenna. for me it is an masterpiece of “form follows function” design. and i really like the minimalistic system on it. i had some of my friends ambit3’s a lot in my hand. i really like the simplicity of it.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos just an idea. for a sysadmin/company thinking standpoint. i could imagine that it could be possible to make the transition with all community activity syncing functions (lets say as it is right now in the may transition) to the SA and shrink down the MC service (web/app) to the functions needed on old devices. (configuration of sports modes, creating routes…) without all of that works in SA. so not much new has to be coded. the system changes could be nearly frozen (because there would not be something new to develop) the system would be resource and economical friendly to hold up a few years.
    like a Movescount “mini” 😄 for configuring the ambit family and route creation (as it is right now, with nothing else) and the rest could be deleted. And the SA as an active system for syncing activities, community and all functions for the newer watches that could be developed and updated without the care of brining in to much new code for the “old” watches.

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    @mario_b 😮 To be honest this is one good solution. But in this thread I withdraw of my non-objective opinions as it most matters what others want to give as feedback. Like you 🙂

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos i know what you mean ☺ that should not sound like a wish, more like a personal thinking of what could be .

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