It is simply unbelievable that Suunto Ambit will no longer be supported!!!

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    Some days ago I received an email about the transition from MovesCount to SuuntoApp.
    I am a owner of a SUUNTO AMBIT and I feel great with MovesCoun,t for the possibility to download workouts, outings in the mountains and so on, and to execute custom settings on the watch. From what I read, however, my product is not compatible with the new SuuntoApp. This is almost unbelievable.
    Does this mean that from 2020, when the Movescount portal will be closed, will I no longer be able to download workouts or make settings on the watch?
    I hope it is not so because it would be really serious and it would mean that my SUUNTO AMBIT becomes unusable.
    I hope Suunto will find a suitable solution for products that are no longer in production, that have a few more years but that still wonderfully work, like my AMBIT. After all, to buy the SUUNTO AMBIT it was not a small investment of money and knowing that it becomes useless after not so many years leaves perplexed, and pushes me to look for alternative future brands. It would be a pity.

  • You are not alone - I feel exactly the same!

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    I feel the same too.

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    @Crysrunner It is not clear what model Ambit you have and what you are saying is incorrect. MC will be going away. How the Ambit you have will be supported is not clear. Ambit 3s with BLE will be supported, to what extent has not yet been stated by Suunto. Less clear are the non-BLE devices as these cannot connect to SA. Suunto never stated that these devices would be bricked or unusable. They did say that these devices would be incompatible with SA.

    That said I get your anxiety, I too have a legacy device I would like to keep using. But we should stick to the facts. Just because MC is gone does not mean that you cannot use, adjust settings etc for Ambit3’s. We simply do not yet know what is going to happen.

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    I think for Suunto is easy to make crossplatform app that sync data to SA that could be replacement for MC

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