The Useless Chase of Technology

  • It seems with everything companies are in a huge rush to create something new to make money or save money with little regard for consumers - sadly Suunto is no different. There is no way I’m going to be analysing data on a bloody smartphone. Who would? A computer screen offers much more space for the analysis for data - such analysis that befits the sort of Suunto devices that collect so much. I really wish I would have known about the demise of Movescount before buying this stupid Spartan. I would have gone with another maker and would have stuck with my Excel spreadsheets. The constant change of technology is senseless and so frustrating!!! But I’m sure it makes sense to Suunto’s botton line and that’s all that matters.

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    @Christoph-Graf-von-Dettling For deep training analysis I did not find MC sufficient. The stress analysis was nonexistent. So I would rather use a third party app to plan and analyze training. The app is better for that than MC. My 2 cents worth.

  • @Brad_Olwin I agree with @Christoph-Graf-von-Dettling , because: we have a platen for 90% of training analysis… The option to solve that faults would be to work on the features are lacking… Suunto is proposing to stay with a new platform of 40% of features and let people work with 3rd party services. A bit craziness IMHO

  • @Brad_Olwin The app is better than what than MC exactly?
    Than MC app, that is 100% true.
    Than MC web, i beg to differ./

    Also, a vendor supplied solution such as MC web has a certain consistency and does not depend on the whims of the third party service.
    True, paid TP may be better than MC web, so let;s kill MC web and… profit!!

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    @ColdBeer @Yannis-Belouris I hear you both and understand. The current status of SA and the 3rd party sync for me is better than MC. But I pay for TP, for those that want better training analysis without having to pay I get it. Wait for a year (I know but all will work as it does now)…there will be new hardware and software from more than one manufacturer. That is probably a better time to have this discussion. I expect major improvements in SA as the navigation features are not sufficient for me.

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