Is there anyy Official info how to move all data from Movescount to Suunto App?

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    @Brad_Olwin Yeah, the S9 is a nice watch, but I don’t have the disposable funds for one right now, and I have a “perfectly working ecosystem”, with my Ambit3/Ambit2.
    It’s just a bit bizarre to me, that they’re still advertising/selling the Ambit3, including for sports like skiing (I checked), when they seem to be planning on disabling this, very soon.

    I can’t even figure out how to change sports right now, via the SA, that interface doesn’t even seem to exist, probably because I have an Ambit?

    I want a web interface though, either way, so I’m looking around at used Fenix 5’s and such, and plan on (trying to anyway) selling my 2/3 in the next couple of months.
    I figure this is a better option now, given that there’s no response from Suunto, for any of this (activities that require apps, web-interface, “hobbled” SA for an Ambit3, etc), rather than wait for things to spiral anymore (and for resale to bottom-out).

    Obviously, any major manufacturer could nuke the same functionality, but it’s sort of the “devil you know” type of deal, really.

    It’s knd of “odd” really, my old Vector, from 1998, is essentially going to “outlive” my Ambit2 and 3, it’s still very functional for backpacking and such.

    I did find this kind of interesting though, given that apparently they’re planning on “nuking” about 45% of their current user base (assuming almost everyone uploads, of course):

  • if not in china, through sportstracker is the best choice

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos - This message really saves my day. Since MovesCount platform has been way more advanced and only place to communicate to at least heiaheia, I have been forced to sync to both MC and SA since January. Worst that could have happened would have been to get all spring as duplicates. Thank you!

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    As I didn’t follow the whole discussion, what does the " full sync" from movescount to SA mean? I’m currently syncing to both and still use my location (for indorr moves), tags, descriptions at movescount only.
    When I sync all to SA from movescount, is this ending up in a merge (so tags, desc, … is added) or do I need to delete all data in SA first?

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    @gest83 Right now all we know here is what is to be found on the Suunto website here:

    And I quote:

    Which data will be transferred?
    The data transfer includes your Moves and the associated exercise data including images and tags.

    Please note, Suunto app may not yet be displaying all exercise data, tables and graphs coming from Movescount. We are continuously enhancing Suunto app with the most relevant features for the entire community.

    The data transfer does not include:

    Personal information including body metrics

    • Suunto 9 and Spartans: Your personal information will be synchronized to Suunto app once you connect your watch with the app.
    • Ambit3 and Traverse watches: Currently it is not possible to synchronize personal information to Suunto app or edit the information in the app.
    • Suunto 9 and Spartans & Suunto app for Android: Routes stored on your Suunto watch will be synchronized to Suunto app for Android once you connect your watch with the app.
    • You can manually export all our routes from Movescount and import them to Suunto app.
      Suunto Movies
      To create videos of your trainings, we recently introduced a partnership with Relive
      Groups you belong to
      They will not be available in Suunto app, but with our connected partner services there are many opportunities to join other groups like e.g. SuuntoRun on Strava
      Events that you are attending
      Training programs
      They will not be available in Suunto app, but with our connected partner services there are many opportunities to use training programs like e.g. TrainingPeaks, Strava, or other.
      Suunto Apps for your watch created by the Movescount community
      Device settings
      Please note that Suunto app does not display POIs as separate feature or as part of a route.

    Please know that you can export your personal information, POIs, routes and Move data in according, transferable formats (.GPX and .FIT files respectively) from Movescount under Settings > Export > Download all your data. Please note that it is not possible to import part of this data to Suunto app yet.

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    @jthomi thanks, I’ve read the statement but somehow must have missed the part with tags…

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in Is there anyy Official info how to move all data from Movescount to Suunto App?:

    Hi the data transition starts may. You will be able to connect MC to SA and get your data in the SA logbook so no need to panic. If you already have some moves only on SA and some moves only on MC those will be merged.

    Hello Dimitrios, is there a update regarding the moves data migration / merge to SA? thank you

  • The data move was stated to be staged starting from mid-may, it’s already mid-june and it is not yet avalaible. Anybody knows whether there’s delay or any other reason ?
    I have a spartan trainer if it might change something.

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    In fact it is staged (split in stages) … some already got the notification (eg. a friend) and some others no (eg. me)
    It’s just a matter of time

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    @sartoric I got all of my moves from MC web to Suunto app, by conecting MC web to Sports Tracer. The transfer took 2-3 days to succseed. I have Ambit 3 peak

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    @KnutB Well that’s not the process we are taking about. We talk about SA “auto” sync (connecting MC)

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    @sartoric I know. But since all I had in MC is now coming over to the Suunto app, I am happy. Sync or not synced😜

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    what about your elevation graphs… do they have gaps?
    And how far back did MC sync to Sports Tracker?
    I tried that too and noticed it’s only going back to beginning 2018…

  • @KnutB Sports Tracker won’t import all the data Movescount has, while the «automatic» MC to SA will, so it’s already been advised to avoid the MC > ST import… that said, you might just be fine with what data was pulled from MC to ST, in which case it’s all good for you !

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    @TELE-HO Wait for the MC to SA sync. The data transferred is much more complete. I was able to get everything synced back to 2006:)

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    @KnutB said in Is there anyy Official info how to move all data from Movescount to Suunto App?:

    @sartoric I know. But since all I had in MC is now coming over to the Suunto app, I am happy. Sync or not synced😜

    The sync you enabled has elevation issues and some others if I recall.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos doubt about this: I already done the import process to SA. On MC still showing me the messages:
    “Movescount and device settings out of sync. Please synchronize your Suunto 9 Baro now!” or
    “New software release available. Connect your Suunto 9 Baro with SuuntoLink to update.”

    Have any sense keep my watch associated to MC?
    I can safe remove the device from there, right?

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    @flypg No reason to keep connected to MC but…Suuntolink is the only way to update the watch so disconnect the sync between Suuntolink and MC. Use Suuntolink to update your firmware.

  • @Brad_Olwin Thanks for the confirmation. Perfect.

  • Ok, can someone explain what is happening?. I had connected movescoutnt to sport tracks. All moves (at least trails) have manual laps. All that laps were visible in sport tracker WEB with correct data, also in sport tracker and android SA but with totally wrong pace.

    Now, for test I disconnect movescount and I tried with SA. Because there are no analytics with SA I also connected SA with Runalize (wow what a perfect app. - everything is there and much more, better than good old Movescount, and better than Training peaks click on year shows year summary, click on month, shows all data month summarized….) And now the weird thing. I see all my 1990 moves from 2013 in SA, but only last 2 months were synchronized in Runalize (this is probably Runalize problem). And now the weird thing no.2. All NEW moves synchronized with SA have no manual laps, not in Sport tracker android not in SA, but have corrected laps in Runalize (WTF)……Ok . Now, according to Runalize instruction I backed up all moves from Movescount and I simply imported it (drag and drop for all moves) and all moves shows there in Runalize, off course with no manual laps (except new moves ). And here is my questions

    1. All my 1990 tracks in SA have no manuals laps. What will happened with this? Will you provide recalculation tools for all that moves.

    2 If you will provide such tools I will delete my all moves in runalize and try to perform import again. Off course, I have tu run recalculation tools in sa before that. I suggest all to use Runalize, because it is just perfect app. Works ONLY as web app ( mobile view on phone and desktop on PC).

    1. I hope there will be no offense, but I do not understand your logic. Are developers coding with a bier in their hands and waiting for our responses. I am 100 % that there is no one which actually know exactly what is working and what is not. My corect DB is only in Movescount, and now I have to sync again my moves from SA (Sport tracker) to Movescoutnt with SyncMyTracks and yes, I know all my NEW moves will be imported as Running instead of TrailRunning and no manual laps (GRRRRRR!!!)! I am so tired of this exercise with data from one app to another.

    2. Probably the best solution will be to provide autoimport (works for new moves) to Runalize and you can stop coding SA. In SA creating sport modes is there, sync is there, setting for notifications apps is there and thats is all we need. Oh yeah, creating a routes is there but no one who is serious is not using that (I know, Brat_Olwin, you are using it but face it it is too smal for all others 95 %)….I noticed that all my created routes is also in Sport Tracker WEB, but when I try to open I get error. Maybe to fix that and We have analysis on Web - Runalize, creating a route on Web - Sporttracker (I read somewhere that suunto bought Sport tracker) and sync with SA

    3. I really, really, really miss Movescoun platform. So perfect, nice and all in one place. All analisys perfectly visible in Web app on desktop pc and on phone mobile view. If you disabled mobile view and set to hardcore view, you can even set sportmodes and create routes with heatmaps and few seconds after that sync with old mobile movescount app. Mobile app (movescout) is ultra simple, syncing only, and maybe movie for fun after long hike with friends. That is it. I belive you guys that old Movescount in not technically sustainable and that changing is necessary but not in this way. Last weeks I am only moving data from one to another app and hitting my head to the wall over and over again :(. things shoud be simple, but noo, I need to investigate where to get the information from which app instead of training and enjoying in nature

    4. By the way. All 3 main players (Polar, Garmin, Suunto) have Web apps

  • …and yes, can you enable sync from SA to Movescount? I will not use any more sync method from Movescount to Sport-tracker ( and SA) because there are some differences. So in short, I would like to try SA sync, but all moves should should also be visible in my main DB Movescont. If that is not possible I am going on movescount again, what else should I do, damn……

  • Can’t find MS in SA in connect to other services.

    I have a problem moving MS data to SA. I use spartan sport.
    In SA in the connectivity section, there is no MS app to login and connect.
    I created SA account with the same email and password as MS.
    What do I need to do to get MS visible in SA to make a transfer?
    MS and SA are still in my iPhone paired with watch.


  • @Brad_Olwin

    Do you have an estimated for the data transfer to happen for Ambit3? I have an Ambit3 but now upgrade to S9. The SA does not allow me to pair 2 watches at the same time so I have to keep an eye for the data transfer for Ambit3 to happen.

    Don’t want to lose all my 5 years MC data…

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    @avalanchesiqi I conected MC to Sportstracker (3rd part) and after one week all my data (picture and so on) was in the Suunto app.

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    what quality are your altitude graphs in SA after this transition?

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