Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin

  • @Brad_Olwin Rubbish! - My Ambit is fully functioning cost £500 customisable and does exactly what I want. Leaving aside that it was a 50th birthday present from my wife, why would I change something that works. The new Suunto/Garmins can show my text messages and have a colour screen, not much of a reason to change. A watch lasts longer than 5 or 6 years in my experience especially one that costs that much.

  • @Brad_Olwin said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    “…seriously Ambits in another 1.5 years will be fairly out of date”

    it’s not about the ‘out of date’ based on a purchase time but it’s about rendering perfectly working and functioning devices like the Ambit’s useless with a lunatic software development without proper backwards compatibility

    the only thing that is outdated here in Suunto’s ‘digital future’ is the 15year code codebase from Sportracker rebranded in 2017 as Suunto App and promoted as way head for 2020

    it’s a backstep to a closed device centric app system rather an open and device independent web platform as movescount was and this is the case for Ambit1/Ambit2/Ambit3 (that you still can purchase today on Suunto’s website), T3/T4/T6, Quests, GPS Trackpods and a range of dive computers like D4i, D4i novo, D6i, D6i Novo, D9i

    and NO Ambit3 are not ‘supported’ as you can’t changing and customizing sport modes, planning routes and uploading them, transferring POI’s…

  • @Tobias-F Spot on

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    Sorry. Don’t get the point.
    At the moment Movescount is fully working with the Ambit and Traverse series of watches.
    When it will be shut down some time in the future, the platform replacing it will be totally different from what you have now as beta versions.
    This “sometime in the future” will be not before summer 2020. That means in 1.5years or later.
    Lots of water to flow down the rivers doing this period of time.

    I am sure the new platform will support those watches fully by that time. No need to rant about the future without knowing it.


  • @Egika Except the email we received yesterday specifically didn’t NOT indicate support at all for Ambit/Ambit2 and told us we could only ‘enjoy’ seeing our existing data on the new app.

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    Original poster has an Ambit3 and rants about its future support…

  • @Brad_Olwin said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    @Navigator The Ambit 3 is supported, albeit not for apps. Rather than complain loudly and bitterly here or buy a newer watch as seriously Ambits in another 1.5 years will be fairly out of date…go to another manufacturer but please quit wasting our time. Some of us here like our hardware and want to see the mobile app improve…bye…

    Here I think that you are a bit mistaken, as @Tobias-F said you still can purchase the Ambit3 in Suunto’s webpage and Suunto’s announcement states that you will have less functionalities in the future than the one that you have now, which, at least in Europe, I do not know if its completely legal. If I buy an A3 and before the 2 years I loose functionality is quite probably that I will be able to get a refund or a replacement for a new compatible watch, and I am from Spain where customer protection is quite limited imagine if i live in Germany where customer protection is bigger.
    On the other hand, what is the problem with the old devices?? Why I need to change a product if it is still functional? Isn’t Suunto advertising “Built to last”… I can accept that you do not give more updates to the old devices nor the MC but keep it where it is or you find a solution for them or you contact them and try to make and arrangement and exchange with advantages the incompatible devices for compatible ones.
    Not yet two years ago I bought and A3 VERTICAL because I wanted a reliable outdoor watch without smartwatch capabilities, something that will last at least 6/8 years if not more. In with situation would be now?I would be forced to exchange the watch or have limited functionalities after 3.5 years? Lucky me, it was faulty and I could exchange it (adding a bit more money) for a Spartan Ultra, but this is my personal case.
    I do agree with you that this is the first announcement and instead of complain bitterly and “burn our suunto watches” we should be constructive and push Suunto as much as we can, and in all the channels, and I still believe that eventually will all have a solution.

  • @cosmecosta if they have any business awareness they should offer any verified customer of an older watch a heavily discounted trade in for the watch of their choice.

  • @Egika said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    the platform replacing it will be totally different from what you have now

    Suunto said yesterday very clearly that everything older as an Ambit3 will not be supported and set to obsolete, they also didn’t say they are working on sportsmode/customization/routes/POI coming to Ambit3/Traverse, in such news release they would have shared this one as good point or at least mentioned to ‘be planned’ as they did not do in the announcement so probably there is a reason for doing so

    in my opinion so I seriously doubt they are working on this one … but you are right hope dies last …

  • @Egika said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    Original poster has an Ambit3 and rants about its future support…

    right, in fact I have invested 9 Suunto watches and use in circulation besides two Ambit2, Ambit 3, Vertical, Traverse, TrainerWHR, T3, Quest … trust me I care about this brand and was committed to it, that changed with yesterdays hit to the face…


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    @witchcraft I have a T6c and a GPS Trackpod but don’t use them much. The BLE connected watches including A3 should work. It is 1.5 years away at a minimum. So my point to the OP was rather than immediately state they are done with Suunto to try to be constructive.

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    I’m with you @Navigator, at least as far as Sunnto is concerned.

    I have an Ambit2 and absolutely love it. It has been bullet-proof and after 327 activities it still looks brand new.

    To say that I am piXXed off about this is an understatement! When I bought this watch nowhere did it say that it was good for only 5 years, and that I would have to throw it away simply because Suunto couldn’t be bothered maintaining their web-based software. I don’t even want to upload my data on a mobile device; I bought a watch to avoid using my phone for anything related to my activities!!!

    You can rest assured I won’t be buying another Suunto product ever again. You suck.

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    @Tobias-F Exactly.

    I wonder who on here that are defending Suunto’s actions would have bought a Suunto watch if, at the time, they said it would stop working in 5 years time???

    Not one of them, I can guarantee that!

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    OK so here is an example of being constructive. Personally, I think it is not ok to have an Ambit3 that only has partial functionality. For the 2 and below I think there will be 3rd party solutions. But, if you have a 3 and they are still being sold they should be fully operational. Note, this is my personal opinion. So, instead of saying I am moving to another platform I could say: “I want to stay a Suunto customer.” “What can you (Suunto) do for me to help transition to a fully functional watch?” I do not think it is unreasonable to ask loyal customers (those that have products that will sunset, but we won’t know for 1.5 years) for Suunto to provide a discount to purchase a new watch. Suunto does not want to lose customers and I am sure if enough individuals with older Suuntos that are clearly built to last ask, it would be in Suunto’s best interest to maintain as large and as happy a customer base as possible.

    I hope what is above helps as I totally understand how anyone would feel, now there is no issue but in the summer of 2020 there is a plan for an issue.

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    Specially if you take into account that Ambit 3 are still being sold (even at Suunto’s web shop)… What would be the point in offering a watch that would only be full featured for 18 months?

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    @jsuarez said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    Specially if you take into account that Ambit 3 are still being sold (even at Suunto’s web shop)… What would be the point in offering a watch that would only be full featured for 18 months?

    I am agreeing with you and why I think something should be done…not ok to be selling a watch that “might” have reduced functionality.

  • I admit that my first reaction was to order a Garmin Fenix 5. That is because the key to me has always been the ability get the data from the watch. Aside from training, I use the HR data for other insights into my heart mechanics. I realize that is not your everyday use but there are numerous apps that suck in the Suunto data files and perform impressive analytics. KubiosHRV is one of them. That said, I use my old t6d, and Ambit most of the time simply because I can get the data files and they are ANT compatible with my HR chest strap. I do not use the A3 and hardly ever use the Ultra. So, let’s assess what actually is “lost” without MovesCount. From my use, the answer is “nothing” because I intercept the data when it is “at rest” on my computer. About all I use MC for is posting to social media. I do upload GPX files derived from my Suunto devices to Garmin_Connect for analysis. From a customer relations standpoint, I think it is a mistake on Suunto’s part to force all desktop/laptop users to using a smartphone app.

  • @Kamikaz Which is fine as long as MovesLink isn’t deprecated along with MovesCount. Much of the functionality of Strava is also blocked (challenges and competitions) on manual uploaded .gpx files

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    @witchcraft Is it though? Where is MovesLink going to upload to then? My understanding is that data is uploaded to MC then from there pushed to other services like Strava.

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    Thats correct.

    @tcdev said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    @witchcraft Is it though? Where is MovesLink going to upload to then? My understanding is that data is uploaded to MC then from there pushed to other services like Strava.

  • Bonjour si plus de site Web, au revoir suunto et bonjour, Garmin ou polar ou tous ceux qui proposent un site Web

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    @Brad_Olwin So I try to be as constructive as you are.
    I joined this forum a few minutes ago, because I wanted to get a picture about the discussion and reaction of your customers. My first reaction was the same as the OP’s one: Throw away my Ambit2 checking market for other brand’s watches.

    My first uploaded Ambit2’s move dates to 21th Dec. 2014. Four years ago I decided to buy the Ambit 2 Peak rather than the 3 because it was cheaper and I had no need to link it via bluetooth. It still works fine and meanwhile we’ve got three Ambit2s in our family.

    So, being constructive, I summarize the facts about Ambit2/3 I see here in the forum:
    Ambit3 isn’t supported 100%.
    Ambit2: Currents status is, that it won’t be supported by the app.
    My thoughts about Ambit2: It’s impossible to link Ambit2 with mobiles due to missing bluetooth. So Suunto would have to build a cable for connecting the watch with the mobile. Then Suunto still has to struggle with building these cables - all this mechanical stuff you don’t want to deal with.

    It’s said, there is still plenty of time - 1,5 years. In agile software development this is in fact a lot of time and it should be sufficient to get the Ambit 3 fully supported - keep fingers crossed.
    But concerning Ambit2 and all other older watches I think “Alea iacta est” - decisions are made, because it’s fundamental: Suunto strategy is to support bluetooth link only.

    Even you expect, or better you “think” that there will be 3rd party solutions for those.

    You wanted the OP to be more constructive and answered in a more or less constructive way. And so I’ll do.
    I understand, that Suunto want to focus on building watches. It’s not your main business to build software for analyzing training data. It’s expensive and companies like STRAVA do this better than you do.
    Ok, but having a 5,5 years old watch being more or less useless, is expensive for me, too.

    Please give a detailed strategy for Ambit2. In case Suunto hopes for 3rd party solutions or those are even planned, 1,5 years aren’t much time to coordinate this with your partners.
    My opinion to 3rd party solution: I don’t want to pay for it. Why, pay for a e.g. trainingpeaks licence just to download Ambit2 data, when I once bought a watch which included this functionality?
    There might be some opensource solution - but who takes care for maintenance?

    Discount for purchasing a new watch: Hmmm, last summer one of my three avalanche beacons had an not fixable error. It was ten years old, the same model is still sold. I got a new one from the manufacture paying less than the cheapest price in the web. That was more than ok. That’s what I expect at least for a discount. But it should be more. Because it’s Suunto’s active decision to make Ambit2 useless.

    “Suunto does not want to lose customers” - but, to be honest, Suunto is on the best way to do so. I’m happy with my Ambit2. I’m happy with its reliability and usability. I’m happy with it working for four years now, especially in matter of sustainability. I don’t want to buy a new gadget every few years, because it costs money, it costs resources and I don’t need the newest fancy thing. I need a working device, that’s all.
    I was happy with Suunto’s service after we realized the the brand new watch was buggy. It was repaired within a few days - perfect.

    But I’m not happy with Suunto’s digital service strategy.

    Based on Suunto’s decision I’ll decide. And this may end in saying goodbye to Suunto. It’s up to Suunto to convince me. All I’ve read right now, does not.

  • @radlwadl said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    But concerning Ambit2 and all other older watches I think “Alea iacta est” - decisions are made, because it’s fundamental: Suunto strategy is to support bluetooth link only.

    I think the the Suunto strategy is to reduce the development and maintenance of software that is not making money.
    The owner of Suunto, Amer Sports is also the owner of Sport Tracker. So they are just doing the minimum : an App. Then, they will force allow you to use other third parties application such as Sport Tracker. They just forget something, the freedom of the users they provided earlier. They are reducing it by providing less features than before.

    Also, as an embedded software developper and a user of an Ambit3 Peak, the use of both Bluetooth and USB link should be kept. In fact, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that have it pros and cons but I can say that it’s really helpful to have a cable link to avoid a stucking issue. I already had this kind of issue while syncing a move between my mobile and my Ambit3. The only way to get the move was to use the USB cable and moveslink. So, Suunto, be aware of what you are doing, even if you think your tests cover every use cases.

    My expectations of Suunto company were rather the improvements of the mobile app and the web application to provide better experience for the users. I think that Suunto have the best hardware but is missing the turn of software application (web based and mobile). This kind of feature can attract new users and keep the old ones.

    Hope this will be heard by Suunto 😉

  • @Navigator said in Goodbye Suunto, hello Garmin:

    Cant believe what I just read in the email from Suunto are they MAD !!!
    I’ve an Ambit and Ambit 3 Peak and consider them the best ‘adventure’ watches made and always recommended them to anyone that asks for my advice.
    So now from next year in the eyes of Suunto the Ambit can be considered a piece of junk as wont be able to upload or download to it and with the Peak am expected to fiddle on some mobile device to hopefully upload routes and download tracks where now I can do it on my 17" laptop and charge at the same time.
    So very very disappointing.
    I certainly wont be buying anything branded Suunto in the future. Garmin here I come

    Thanks for this post. I had the same feelings and sent an email to support (which has not been answered yet).

    Why am I disappointed?
    I bought a new Ambit 3 Peak (with heart belt) in Feb 2018 after comparing it with Garmin products. I considered Suunto a good brand building lasting products. And yes I prefer having a large screen when looking at my tracks (running, mountaineering, skiing).
    @Brad_Olwin stated that the Ambits are outdated in 1.5 years. Hopefully this is not the official opinion of Suunto. Otherwise I would be even more disappointed. I expect to use the Ambit at least 10 years.

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    I have already posted it in another topic - info from Suunto Support (09/2018):
    “(…) we assure you that Ambit3 peak will be supported maybe longer than new Suunto watch models since these models are already proven to be reliable and has been one of the best selling watch models from Suunto, just like Suunto Core. There are no plans in changing apps and websites for Ambit family. If there will be significant changes, it could be switching from using Moveslink2 to Suuntolink (which is still being discussed not yet planned) which does not really have any significant effect on the watch.”

    So I ordered my 2nd Ambit3 Peak… And few days ago I received mail that Movescount will be substituted with mobile app - which will cause, that my Ambit 3 Peak watches (2 pieces) will be significantly less functional. I need customization, sportsmodes, suunto user apps, route planning + uplod, POIs, etc. And I need it in user friendly form, i.e. web od PC. Movescount was for me a significant reason why I choosed Suunto.

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