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    @Brad_Olwin Any suggestions for better web portals? I’ve been only using Garmin since 2007 and am not all that savvy.

    I use TrainingPeaks but you need to pay for Premium. It is not expensive but I understand why some would not want to pay. 30 day trial and $115 US per year. I have heard is very good, it looks good to me but I only tested it a short time. It is not free. There are desktop apps that are good as well. For Mac OS, rubiTrack is excellent, I have used it a long time. Again, none of these are going to be free but offer much more on the training and stress analysis than any of the freebies.

    $115 per year* (ha sorry Brad, just saw your edit)

    The free version isn’t so bad either.

    For others there is runalyze, golden cheetah, and you could probably figure out a way to upload stuff into Garmin if you wanted lol.

  • @Brad_Olwin Runalyze is a good one with some similar features to Training Peaks that’s free, too. It doesn’t automatically sync with Movescount (you have to manually import FIT or TCX files into it at present) but they are planning to have it auto sync with the Suunto app sometime early this year.

  • @misterdangerpants

    FinalSurge gives for free a quality just really near of (60 around $60USD/year) or Training Peaks ($115USD/year).
    For my, by far, is the one more consistent and better relation price/quality.

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    @Brad_Olwin funny thing that looks very similar to suunto app, fonts etc 😄

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    @Brad_Olwin funny thing that looks very similar to suunto app, fonts etc 😄

    True, but comparing the history (including the still great, which is highly functional, local Sportstracker PC-Programm) could have been the “inspirational side”… and however it is, having a number of sportstracker-features in SA would be soooo good!
    And BTW I can really live with the non-App-“policy” of sportstracker, which is Vince grating on web an big screens?😁

  • This app is unusable.
    I really do not need to see stock photos in my app. I want to see distance, cal, avg hr or literally anything but photo that takes half the screen with no infromation what so ever!
    And is it possible to make this app to add my distance from last month?
    This app is lacking basic analysis? I have to copy all the data to Excel by hand?

    Beside SS I have suunto quest with bike pod - and now perfectly fine sport watch is obsolete… Heh.

    And i have bought SS only of love to Movescount and all the moves stored there - like everyone I am animal of habit. I didnt want to switch to garmin’s platform. Now I wish i did.

    I understand that you have to do sth and it is unprofitable to support two services but you cannot just kill some of yours products just like that (you can but you shouldnt). I just cant understand why you are shutting down better product? Is there some kid of war between Amer and their idea of Suunto App and former staff that did Movescount?

  • @Bartłomiej-Michałow yes, the stock photos are useless, they add NOTHING, and take half the screen. The summaries in the app are also lacking.

  • @ColdBeer Great, thanks for the tip. I actually decided to send the watch back and purchased a Garmin Fenix 5S.

  • @Brad_Olwin Thanks!

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos Hi Dimitrios, I am not the first one to mention this but I want to add my voice to let Suunto know that I was in chock reading this: “We are excited to offer you the ability to transfer your Move history from Movescount to Suunto app and continue your experience with Suunto.” I am an Ambit 2 user and Suunto advocate for many years convincing many friends to choose Suunto over other brands. Please rely to Suunto that me and many other people will not be “excited” to throw our older 600-800$ watch to garbage and if we have to do so, this will for sure end our interest in Suunto products, particularly with so many competing products on the market. Thanks.

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    @314BMI raised it here, if anyone wants to vote to get rid of the stock photos maybe Suunto does listen to votes 🙂

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    I would appreaciate some official Suunto´s reaction to this “discussion”. I’m getting tired of all this uncertainty about Ambit 1,2,3 support, features, Movescount and/or new web platform, etc.

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    @estevez I am official Suunto when replying to you in most cases and there is nothing to communicate at the moment.

    Take a moment to read a bit higher my response.

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    Of course I read your responses above (given cca 14 days ago), I just have a feeling that Suunto had enough time to evaluate this discussion. Just my opinion. However, thanks for answer.

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    @estevez Oh, thats not the time frame Suunto is working in! 😉 But you can be sure, if there are any news regarding this or other issues, you be the first to know here!

  • I own a Suunto 9 Baro.

    Until recently I’ve been able to updload my moves to Movescount using Moveslink.
    I use also Suunto App and have all my moves syncronized on my Android phone.
    Today I tried to connect via Moveslink but was unable to get my Baro detected (tried also several times after rebooting).
    I connected with Suuntolink and It was detected and got the confirmation that the software is up to date and GPS optimised but Movescount didn’t started even if the switch is “on” in “Settings - Open Movescount after Moves are transferred”. In fact I didn’t even notice that the Moves had been transferred.

    Can you hep me?



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    If you’ve already used SA routes sync or sport mode customization, Suuntolink will not sync anymore and it will be used only for FW upgrade.

    Moveslink can’t be used with Spartan

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    @frovati If you sync via the Suunto App, you moves will be marked as synced and Moveslink will not sync them. If you customize sports in the app, Moveslink will stop syncing. The only way to fix the latter is a full reset of the watch. You can find the answers to your questions here on the forum

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    @sartoric sorry, did not see your answer…

  • Greetings,

    I am also a happy Ambit 2 owner. I always thought that I would upgrade to a Spartan or a 9 when the time came but these news from Suunto really have me thinking twice.

    I am sorry, I really like Suunto watches but if they ‘disable’ the older watches they will surely lose happy customers that choose Suunto for the quality and reliability.

    I know 2020 is next year but even if I wanted to get a new Suunto right now I would most likely have to sell the Ambit 2 to partially fund the new watch. Now you cannot sell a watch that is possible to be useless in a year! No one would want it and I personally would not sell it to someone unaware of these news.

    So I think the minimum Suunto should do is at least provide all the basic functionality for the non Bluetooth watches. I know that you need Bluetooth for Suunto App but from what I read online, Sports Tracker is the desktop/browser version of Suunto App.

    They should/could modify moveslink/suuntolink so that Ambits can sync online with Sports Tracker / Suunto App and then add options within Sports Tracker for watch customization (device settings actually) which will then be synced back. Also sync and add missing features to Sports Tracker (POIs etc)

    That way everyone would be happy to be a Suunto customer, feel looked after and surely buy their new watch from Suunto again. I know I would.

    Let’s hope they’ll respect the so far happy customers (who are the best advertisement in my opinion)

    Now if they change scope and hardware quality due to the recent acquisition as mentioned above, we will just have to look elsewhere, end of story.


  • Hey guys, been keeping an eye on this whole thing. Any official response or anything from Suunto yet?

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    @estevez I am official Suunto when replying to you in most cases and there is nothing to communicate at the moment.

    Take a moment to read a bit higher my response.

  • Nothing to add except another Ambit3 customer watching this transition closely. You had me as a captive customer; but now I’ll look for a replacement watch from another company.
    This looks to be taught as a case study in MBA programs on how to infuriate loyal customer.
    TL/DR: I rely on a desktop interface.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos I certainly hope that you guys at Suunto figured out by now that web app and support for watches without Bluetooth is inevitable - unless you want to deteriorate the brand’s reputation. I think the transition concept is a bit flawed. It would be much easier for you to first build a web app and then proceed with mobile apps which require much more thought. Good route planning software on 5-inch screen? Sounds complicated! I wrote a blog post pointing out potential problems with the transition: Maybe Suunto can get some ideas out of it.

    Best regards

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos it all sounds very nice, but it doesn’t seem to create any reaction from Suunto top management.
    Eventually the critics will die out cos they gave up, which I’m also about to. I seriously miss a proper response to why suunto wants to dump loyal customers that have old models, that like the suunto 9 was built to last and thus still does!
    My X10 still works it is more than 10 years old!!

    Commenting on errors in Suunto App creates nothing but a nice response, no actions, at least not visibly!! Seriously does suunto really think this is the way go?
    The app has plenty errors! The algoritme that smoothen the data being one, comparing routes that are like apple and banana’s, endless sync times…

    As I said I miss the response from those that makes the decisions, not you guys that always gives nice and polite responses!

    Best regards

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