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    @NickK I disagree on false analogy. The keyword is “attractiveness” to the customer.
    Say I will buy another €500 watch and in 2-3 years company will decide to change platform rendering it unusable again. Just because they can.

    Unfortunately for me I have two Suunto watches, as mentioned above, so now my “investment” has to be a bit higher. Don’t like that…

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    @RigoS said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    bought a Spartan in September, but I don’t have an Android or iOS device. Am I allowed to say that I am very unhappy ?

    Sadly, no. Why? Because nobody prevented you from doing a bit of research before shelling your hard earned cash on a device you expect to use for a few years. The news of the platform split is at least a year old. The rumors of Movescount eventually going away are a year old too. Both Suunto 9 and 3 Fitness launched as Suunto app only. Kind of, the hints were there… Why did you ignore them?

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    @Yannis-Belouris How a potential web interface and killing Ambit2 are connected exactly? I fail to see.

  • @NickK So, you don’t feel sorry because of year old “rumors”?.
    A bit of research? Care to elaborate?
    Share your research for us.
    Oh! It did not exist until today.
    We have some very hard people in the forums.

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    @Tobias-F I wish I could lay them down, would for sure clear up some “theories” but I can’t. FYI part of my real job (my job title is not the forum) is analytics, cohorts, segmentation and user behavior. Not the perfect thread to discuss this, but if one thing Suunto has good is Analytics from a simple click to rich user funnels.

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    You think every new customer is looking at this forum for research? Really?

  • @NickK said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    @Yannis-Belouris How a potential web interface and killing Ambit2 are connected exactly? I fail to see.

    Ambit, Ambit2, M-series, T-series and Quest Collection watches
    These Suunto products will not be compatible with Suunto app due to no mobile connectivity (Bluetooth).

    Do you have any more rumors or news?
    These watches have no bluetooth and hence cannot connect to the new app.

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    @Yannis-Belouris Please, use the forum search function with keyword “Movescount”, or just look at my post history. One of the firsts posts in this forum was exactly about Movescount vs Suunto app.

    Again, I understand somebody buying Spartan in September of 2017 or earlier feeling a bit shortchanged. But not in September 2018 when all signs were there that Movescount was going away, and it was only a matter of time.

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    @Yannis-Belouris and @NickK lets relax the conversation here.

    Partially you are both correct imo.

    The news came today, the sooner the better. Could have been sooner for @RigoS and he might have not done the purchase.

    Makes sense?

    That is why I do find important that it’s shared already to avoid a bad experience like the one you both debate upon.

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    @Yannis-Belouris They can’t connect to the app, but we are talking about a web site, aren’t we? So, do tell me again how lack of BLE in Ambit2 prevents Suunto from working on a web site? And how it prevents a SuuntoLink update and rebranding?

    Yes, this is a rumor. I never said otherwise. But let’s not conflate two problems: the lack of support for Ambit2 in the new Suunto app and a lack of web interface. These are two different issues, with the second issue affecting far more people, though arguably not as severely.

  • @NickK So, the millions of users had to register to some unknown forum and search for “movescount”?
    Replying is pointless

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    @Yannis-Belouris And the news of Movescount vs Suunto only exist on this “unknown forum”, really? There’s this company called Google. They build a search engine I hear.

  • @gest83 Thanks for bringing this up. I have a Zoop, and a while ago I found a sync cable on eBay which didn’t cost me €60 (or $75 where I’m at in the USA). Still, I have been using Movescount every time I’ve completed dives on my Zoop.

    It would make more sense for Suunto to cloud-enable what was left of Movescount, so it would feed all current data into the smartphone apps. As several users have pointed out, Suunto still sells the Zoop, and other older watches and dive computers as new. They’re basically creating a lower class of owners, who spent a ton of money to buy their products, yet don’t have the same capabilities as those which just got into the game with shinier (and more expensive) devices.

    In my opinion, Suunto devices are overpriced, and this decision makes them even less attractive. I’m just about ready to abandon my Core and my Zoop, and only use products which won’t abandon their users. I can see this happening if you hadn’t manufactured these products for years, but they’re all still being sold as new product. Technically, Suunto can support these devices. They really should.

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    @Yannis-Belouris No Yannis. They should have not searched before. But that is why the announcement NOW.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    The data transfer does not include:

    • Personal information including body metrics
    • Routes
    • POIs
    • Suunto Movies
    • Groups you belong to
    • Events that you are attending
    • Training programs
    • Suunto Apps for your watch created by the Movescount community
    • Device settings

    Sorry, but what’s crazy idea to deprecate web version? It’s good and very useful and sometimes more comfortable to use rather then app. Even the app has the same functionality I’d prefer web version.
    When I purchased my watches I kept in mind web version. Now you steal it. Ok, then return money back.
    I’m pretty sure if the web version is kept alive without updates it will be welcomed by the community.

  • One option for Ambit2 users is the OpenAmbit project -

    This software could be modified to upload data to Strava directly, for instance, as well as download data to your watch. All it takes is time and willing volunteers (or someone paid to do it).

    I hope that Suunto open-sources as much information and code as possible so that Ambit2 users aren’t left in the dark.

    If Suunto abandons users of older watches they can be certain of quite a bit of backlash on every social media platform imaginable.

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    Don’t you think it’s a good thing for Suunto to focus on one service (SA), rather than loosing time and energy to maintain a diverse digital ecosystem? Isn’t it what they do well with the watches (=limiting the “scope” but making sure it’s very robust)?

    I fully understand the frustration for the “old” watches, but for the other watches I find quite pessimistic to complain now about loosing MC, not knowing how SA will look like in 1.5 years, and knowing that a SA web is amongst the most upvoted feature of this forum…

    Let’s continue suggesting the best features for the SA, let’s continue asking for SA web, and with the current pace of development the replacement of movescount in 18 months will be a piece of cake? And if enough customers are impacted by the compatibility of the old watches, then let’s trust Suunto will act on it (with a “SuuntoLink-like” for SA?)

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos I’m using my device only from 2 months but I found Movescount very usefull both from iPhone and pc, from pc especially for the activities planning.
    I found very usefull -expecially for the socialmedias- the possibility of making movie straight from the activity and then sharing them.
    I’m using the new app since the first message on Movescount. It’s pretty, quite immediate and simple to use.
    Hope they get my -and our- advice and make the implementation we are all asking for (a pc compatibility interface)

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    @roger821 Given average life of dive computers and a lack of connected features compared to training watches, I hear you.

    I started with Cressi Leonardo and shelled upward of $100 for a sync cable a while back. Personally, I find a free Subsurface app to be far better than anything I’ve seen from manufacturers, past and current. It is cross-platform and even has a mobile version.

  • @pcjmfranken said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    In addition, as a web developer, I really don’t understand why the new app couldn’t have been built as a progressive web app. An app that works as a website on big screens and behaves like a native app on mobile devices. The best of both worlds and easily doable for a company as big as Suunto.

    Unfortunately it’s probably too late for this now.

    I totally agree with you (as, in the past, I were a dev too). I talked some months ago with some Suunto related and tried to show them the good good job made by, which is the PERFECT example of a web site for training analysis and planification made based on progressive web. In fact, they don’t have a mobile app… Why such thing? Because exactly the same web works perfect in a 4k desktop screen and a 960x640 old iPhone 4. It’s a kind of “state of the art” web development, and their graphs (with zoom, mixing data and so on…) are clear and pretty.

    I always repeat the same: I just need a mobile app to:

    • list itemsync activities and upload them to the cloud
    • list itemcheck they are uploaded correctly or see basic data (totals)
    • list itemput to the activities a description and maybe a picture

    NOTHING MORE IS NEEDED!!! If you -Suunto- want to sell candies, then include -embedded into the mobile app- a good, stable and progressive web app where I could work on my home computer, on a tablet, on my 4 screen work computer or on my phone.

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    That’s exactly what my impression of Suunto is.
    They made good hardware but has no idea about user experience, how to made software, how to create a robust ICT infrastructure and so on.
    This way they will lost the competition with Polar, Garmin and other manufactures.

  • @awinkel Agree, just think: if we finish with a “good mobile app with Strava sync capabilities” (just what it’s Suunto App at the moment)… Suunto is putting themself at the level of… “Xiaomi Amazfit”. Wow!!!

    Is this one of the leader companies in sport watches? I’m not sure about this… Let’s time, users and market give the chance.

  • I’m a fell runner, not a trail runner. So navigation is key to UK fell running and MC on my laptop works extremely well. A large map, which is easy to read and find all the sheep trails in the heather via Google maps etc. That along with most other things regarding MC work! If MC goes so do I - I won’t come back to Sunnto again. This IMHO is a stupid move by Sunnto. I’m mad lol!!!

    Sunnto: if you want to keep your customer base, you need to listen!

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    @Shaun-Hubbard Is there any reason why you can’t plan your route in some other map service and then save the route into the watch? What’s the problem?

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    @ColdBeer While I agree that Sport Tracks is truly impressive as a progressive web app, I’m not sure it is that well optimized for the phone display. Yes, it is quite serviceable there. Yes, it certainly works better than watch manufacturer’s own web sites do, for example. But I can still make an argument it could have been better as a proper native app.

    I’m fairly certain that after today’s firestorm, half of it from people over losing web interface as opposed to sync capabilities with older devices, Suunto will reconsider and re-prioritize accordingly. I seriously doubt Suunto app will be the end of this story.

    It’s very easy to say Suunto has lost their mind, this is a tremendous mistake, and on. But I’m fairly certain they have far more information than we do, including on their competitors. And have a far better idea of what the future holds. With Amazfit you mentioned and watches like COROS, perhaps the time of a $500 running watch is over? And if you want to still charge that money, you have to either sell lifestyle (like Garmin) or cater to the audiences that rely on Training Peaks, Final Surge, and the likes for analysis? And those audiences want free flow of data, with minimum checkpoints in the road.

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