iOS 0.4.0 (5841)

  • Suunto app 0.4.0 (5841) available for testing

    • Analysis graph layout improvement
    • Disabled GPS optimisation temporarily

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the global font setting for UIBarButtonItems.
    • “Workout changed” event not triggered if battery level is being updated
    • Fixed missing map in long workouts
    • Watch pairing button margins improved not to be too close to the following element
    • New text shown when watch firmware is not up to date
    • Crashlytics, Fabric and Helpshift updated

    Known issues & limitations:

    • The Suunto app is currently in English. Other languages are also available (German, French, Spanish, Italian and Finnish), but are still being fine-tuned.
    Nevertheless, during Beta stage we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only.
    • Some measurements, such as recovery time, ascent, descent, shown in the app may not match those shown on the watch.