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    @Mff73 @zvonejan I have seen it reported on this same forum twice this weekend. Now, givent that few weeks ago we had the exact same issue with SA, maybe at Mapbox they update their systems during weekends. I don’t know, but sounds reasonable.

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    @isazi said in MOVESCOUNT...:

    Now, givent that few weeks ago we had the exact same issue with SA, maybe at Mapbox they update their systems during weekends.

    Maybe. Or Mapbox actually closed the API Movescount is relaying on. Movescount route creation indeed while making Mapbox requests, but the actual response is quite interesting. Instead of (elevation?) data, Mapbox is responding with the following:
    The Surface service has reached its end of life and is no longer available

    Sorry for off-topic, but seems that another Finnish company has somehow chosen ideal time to introduce a new piece, only time will tell how many Ambiters and Movescount devotees they’ll manage to lure over.

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    Is there any official statement what is going on? No mail of maintainence or something similar…

  • @zvonejan
    Yes, some official statement regarding significantly reduced functionality of web platform and thus watches relying on it would be expected from every other company in the world. Except suunto.

    I’ll never understand this. It’s not just about too small development team and them being slow at delivering features or fixing bugs. It’s lack of communication with the users. That bothers me the most. It shouldn’t be so hard to add a message with something like this:
    “There is currently a problem with mapping service in Movescount. Our development team is currently working hard to fix it. We will keep you informed about it. We apologize.”
    instead of pushing the ad for suunto 7.

  • @Prenj oh yeah! Movescount App is getting a lot of ads nowadays, interestingly I never got a digital service transition notice however. 🙂

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    What… will you give as a formal explanation or behave like ordinary amateurs and dip your head in the sand?
    …cmon Dimitri. You should probably know what is happening. Is this the way of ending web app…pus tome bug in app and hide?

  • @andrasveres
    Yes, lots of ads. I don’t get it. Do they really think I would buy another Suunto watch when they don’t even bother to acknowledge and inform us on really significant reduction in core functionality? We are all witnesses how slow are things moving in Suunto world. I have zero confidence in them in software development department for the future, let alone keeping things up and running. After people in Suunto started losing jobs even less. So, thank you, but no thank you. I’m not buying another product while you are unable to maintain the one you already sold me as “connected” device. Specially not unfinished products where you are supposed to wait years (not months) to get what you paid for. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

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    Movescount and route creation works again. Thanks god

  • @zvonejan
    But altitude profile is gone? Is it just me?

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    ups, another bug, you are correct


  • @zvonejan said in MOVESCOUNT...:

    Movescount and route creation works again. Thanks god

    Yes, so happy to see it! I thought it was gone forever, then went there yesterday to look at the stats on a run last year. And it was completely updated with my latest moves! Very pleased.

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    @zvonejan Its still missing for me as well.

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    @Gábor-Tóth said in MOVESCOUNT...:

    @zvonejan Its still missing for me as well.

    Do you mean altitude data?

    sarcasm mode on
    Yes it is still missing, but noooo, it is not their fault, it is mapbox, suunto is perfect
    sarcasm mode off

    we do not know if it they will solve that (ever)

  • I also vote for web interface. In fact I would vote for keeping MC to be honest. I have been a user for a long time and happy with it. Particularly the way I can manage settings on the watches, work with routes (import/export), etc. Editing the routes by adding way-points can be done in MC, but is probably very cumbersome in a iPhone.

    I must say that I was not aware of this change. I just bought a Suunto 9 Baro and upgraded it from Ambit2 S. I was expecting some real improvements. As MC will be stopped, this is a serious disappointment.

    And actually this is the 2nd time that Suunto is screwing up with software. Before MC, I was using Suunto Training Manager which could be used from a desktop/laptop without any internet connection. That was great. MC however required internet which I did not like at first. But in the meantime I am used to it.

    Anyhow. Let’s hope Suunto realizes that it is not a good thing to degrade the software and apps that users like to use.

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