S9 Baro, no event uploading

  • Checking to see if other Suunto Baro 9 users are experiencing the same problem and how you solved this issue.

    I have NO capability to upload events from my watch to the mobile Suunto App or to the Suunto movescount website.

    For over 8 months I’ve been using BOTH the Suunto Movescount web service and mobile Suunto app on a Samsung Tab A (Android device) and have been uploading events succesfully. As of July 1st the capability to upload events to the Suunto App from the watch stopped, GPS optimized and services sync only. As of August 14th the capability to upload events to the Suunto Movescount website stopped, GPS optimized and sync services only. I have been in contact with the help desk since July 3rd on five or six occasions and on every occasion I have been told that within 24 to 48 hours somebody would get back to me and nobody has ever called back.

    On my last call on Oct 4 the help desk advised me that Suunto app is only supported on smartphones/iPhones (Apple OS) and that my Samsung Tab A tablet (Android device) was not a supported device and there was nothing that they could do for me. The help desk also advised me that support to the Suunto Movecount website is no longer supported.

    My questions are:

    1. Is anybody currently experiencing difficulties uploading activities from your Baro 9 watch to either the Suunto app service or the Suunto movescount website.

    2. Is anybody currently using a Samsung Tab A or other Android device and successfully uploading watch events to the Suunto App from a Baro 9.

    Thoughts on how to resolve this issue are appreciated. Presently I have a very expensive watch that I can not use to develop any training plans or measure any training /activity results. Totally frustrated with Suunto.

    Ps - and I have totally stayed away from my dissatisfaction with the complete lack of functionality in the Suunto app and its ability to plan more complex training programs or build any type of route mapping.

  • Community Manager

    You cannot upload to moves count if you have customized sport modes via the Suunto app or did a route sync. There is a dialog asking you to confirm this.

    It’s not recommended to use both apps.

    Regarding the ps , with Suunto app you can do route planning.

  • @MoveOrRust
    no problems at all, sync s9b to android SA works like a charm.
    as dimitrios says, you must not sync to MC and SA. in fact, if MC is somewhere open in the background it will prevent to sync the watch to SA… my experience

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos , no customized sport modes settings. I get that it is not “recommended” to use both BUT it was working great with both for 8 months. So why has it stopped uploading events. Let’s just focus on the Suunto App problem. What can be done to fix this. I have reset, reinstalled and updated every piece of software on watch, App and Samsung. Clearly the problem is the Suunto App. How can I get this fixed? Thx for taking the time to respond.

  • @MoveOrRust
    what version of SA do you have installed?

  • The latest version. I have re-installed several times and last week was last download.

  • @MoveOrRust
    did you try beta? 4.10.4?

  • Community Manager

    @MoveOrRust keep in mind that if you reinstall the watch software it wont sync old activities.

    lets start with this. Do a fake on and check if it syncs with the Suunto app.

    I am here to help. So a few things to keep in mind:

    After software update/reset of the watch the activities are compressed into summaries and cannot be synced

  • Moderator

    @MoveOrRust To check and determine whether the watch believes that the data have synced is to go into the logs and examine the color of the icons for your activities on the watch in the logs. Are they grey or colored? Grey icons indicate the activity has not synced while colored icons would indicate they have synced. Check this first and if they are colored then a sync did occur and we can work on figuring out where the activities synced to.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos thx, will consider but hoping to find fix and not loose data. Does S9 only connect to a PC via Suunto link?

  • Moderator

    @MoveOrRust said in S9 Baro, no event uploading:

    Does S9 only connect to a PC via Suunto link?


  • @Brad_Olwin thx, all event/activity logs appear coloured , the same colour displayed when selecting activity before exercise.

  • Hello,
    I have the same problem. I purchased s9 and I cannot synchronize my watch with the Movescount web. In my phone app I have give it permission to link suunto app with movescount. Also in my computer I have close the moveslink2 that I used in my traverse.

    could you please help me?

  • @Jim-Anagnost
    did you connect SA on the phone with S9B?
    Then you need to force stopp SA in app manager in order to sync to MC
    OR if you have setup your sportmodes with SA it’s not possible to sync to MC

  • Silver Members

    @Jim-Anagnost said in S9 Baro, no event uploading:

    /…/have give it permission to link suunto app with movescount /…/

    Connecting to Movescount service from Suunto App is only for transferring your existing Movescount activities to Suunto App, it will not change the way your upcoming activities are handled nor will it create any kind of SuuntoApp-to-Movescount link.

  • @margusl
    but what’s possible if you have strava, you can use syncmytracks to sync from SA to strava thru syncmytracks back to MC…
    but I saw that total ascent will be around 100% off and it seems that it is not sustainable anyway in case S9 is your only watch.
    I appreciate QS more and more to check my activities on a big screen

  • @TELE-HO
    I disconnect the watch from the suunto app in iPhone and then I connect it in my pc. In the pc the suunto syn appears and then I go to the site and nothing.
    I have not do anything in watch.
    Nothing seems in The site.
    Also when the pc finds the watch and opens the app for syn, nowhere is asking for the username and password for movescount site.
    I am completely lost.

  • @Jim-Anagnost
    sportmode customization is done in SA, not in the watch… did you do that maybe? It should give you a warning that you can’t connect to MC though…
    maybe a softreset could help?

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