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  • Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum and wasn’t able to find any topic to this isseue.
    So, in any case, this topic has already been discussed, please don’t kill me right away.

    I own a Traverse Alpha and I am a Hunter.
    Recording POIs out in the woods ist perfectly easy.
    Soem of them I would like to keep persistant on my watch.
    Via Movescount.com I am able to change the POI’s names, which perfectly results in reordering the POIs according to their names. The names are also perfectly synced with my watch, just…the POI’s are sorted on the watch in the same order as they where recorded.
    Is there a smart way to change the order to one, that follows the alphabetic order of the names?

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    This would definitely be useful - enjoy POIs while you can with Movescount, because the Suunto App still doesn’t support them. You can still make POIs on the watch, there is just not a way to manage them other than delete them.
    I miss this soo much as I do long distance hikes in succession and when I come back to “stitch” my trail from the other side I never know which POI is the right one because there is no way to name them - sure, you can choose a generic name from the watch, but no other way to change the name and use something relevant to the user.

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