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  • hi… spent enough hours trying, hopefully someone can help. Urgent as i need the route on watch by friday for a race.

    Trying to get a route/gpx over to my S9 watch… I have tried several gpx routes. Opened up in Suunto App and saved with the ‘add to watch’ . Sync the App to watch and no routes are moved?
    Tried a soft reset and a ton of other things and all i seem to be doing is wasting my time (i have successfully done this before as i have 6 routes on my watch that i now cannot delete!!).

    Any ideas, thanks. Andy.

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    Have you tried to un-toggle / toggle the route again from the list ?
    Sometimes the route is not sent to watch if you “toggle” it while creating it

    android or Ios ?
    app version ?

  • hi… yep have tried it and tried again just now and sync’d. Still nothing uploaded to watch…
    Android (samsung)
    App is V 4.2.4

    I did mange to load some routes on last month which is why i am confused. The only thing i noticed was that the original gpx was 10MB file. But that never loaded into the App routes folder and i have closed everything down and on again since. Current gpx file is 59KB.

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    Try the beta. Look for the faq here

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    Furthermore, you don’t need to sync to send the routes.
    It’s automatically done when toggling it

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos

    thanks… so become a tester on the suunto app? doesnt sound like it will fix my issue by friday which is my problem.

  • @sartoric
    thanks… i did think it did it automatically but was looking to see if i saw a number when syncing… routes is blank but i see number for my activities…

  • thanks guys…i have solved it… i tried one last thing and that was to uninstall Suunto App and re install i also did a soft reboot on watch…
    The app then reloaded some old routes and i reloaded the gpx file onto Suunto app and toggled the Add to watch and now i have it on my S9 watch. Happy days.
    Not ideal to have to uninstall but at least i have the route on my watch for the race (the reason for buying the watch in the first place).

    All the best

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    @humpha said in Routes onto watch:

    Not ideal to have to uninstall but at least i have the route on my watch for the race

    Usually you don’t need to 😄
    Maybe something was stuck from some unknown reason and maybe (I don’t remember well) there was a bug on routes management on that version.

    It could be an App cache issue too, so it could be enough to wipe the cache data instead of uninstall/install

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