iOS 0.4.0 (5797)

  • Changes:

    • Activity specific graphs in workout summary (#58245)
    • New graphs (e.g., Temperature, Vertical speed, Power) (#58245)
    • Sharing a workout link via Suunto app (#61637)
    • Updated watch view layouts (#62615)
    • Updated terms of service and privacy policy (#64412)
    • Enhanced analytics (#63647, #64120)
    • Show user error note in case Spartan version is lower than the Athletic Outdoor release (#64181)
    • Download new GPS files only when newer are available (#63445)
    • Updated localizations

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed commenting in iOS 11 (#64094)
    • Fix for wrongly displayed HR zone chart (#63526)
    • Prevent starting new workout sync if already syncing (#63177)
    • Fixed leaderboard value conversion that caused some of the values displayed as zero (#64132)
    • Fix for memory leaks (#56358)
    • Fix for jumping watch icon in dashboard (#64148)
    • Fix for flooding logbook requests during workout sync (#62779)

    Known issues & limitations:

    • App is not fully localized (English available)
    • Information model used for displaying graphs is not up-to-date
    • Some measurements, such as recovery time, ascent, descent, shown in the app may not match those shown on the watch.
    • Watch status icon on feed view not updated after app has been launched