It is simply unbelievable that Suunto Ambit will no longer be supported!!!

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    @Emir-Karisik said in It is simply unbelievable that Suunto Ambit will no longer be supported!!!:

    Well maybe suunto offer users to replace older watches with suunto 9 for free. We don’t know. They didn’t say they wouldn’t do it.

    You cannot expect a free replacement for a watch that is no longer sold, but I think that users of older Suunto hardware should be considered in some way. I can only say that my experience with Suunto support has been outstanding and that is why I am willing to wait and see what will eventually happen. We know MC is planned to be shut down and that SA will not support non BLE watches. We don’t know what Suunto may do for non BLE watch users.

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    @Brad_Olwin I get where you’re coming from here, but let’s take another analogy (for the Ambit3, a watch currently being sold).

    Say you’re looking at an electric car, or just purchased one, and it takes a certain type of charger, in order to be able to charge it “reasonably”, i.e. not 24 hours to recharge.
    The chargers are proliferated, so you think you’re good, you can recharge your battery in most places, in 30-45 minutes or so.
    Then, your car company says, “We’ve decided that these older models will have to charge via the 24hr mode, in a years’ time, so that we can enhance charging for newer models”.
    Adding a statement that says “we might have some slightly better way to charge, and we’ll let you know, right before we’re going to shut down the ability for your cars to charge (quickly)”.
    This ties directly into the thread I just created, about Ambit3 and GPS settings, it has an almost exact correlation (we could flip this, and say that the range for the cars will just be reduced, since the cars can’t charge as fast, to be fully in alignment).

    Not even considering models < Ambit3, we can all guess at how well this would go over, and what courses of action would happen (including the impact to ANY of that companies newer electric cars, if they survive the fallout).

    Not being disrespectful, but trying to “sugar coat” things by saying that “there might be some sort of solution, at/shortly-before the moment of shutdown”, is not going to appease the car owners (or the watch owners, as is the case).

    I’m open to clarifications on this, thanks.

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    @pgrey Suunto has not stated whether or not watches will be supported, Ambit3 will be as it is BT. So all you and I know is that Suunto is planning to close MC. Naturally you assume that your watch is going to be bricked but that is speculation. Wait and see.

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    I thought I read somewhere that the app is being discontinued and replaced by Suunto app, but the Movescount could still be present on the web. But I can’t find this again…maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

    If they leave the web portion of Movescount active, then one could still download activity from the Ambit 1 and it could be automatically pushed to the Suunto App by SportsTracker and RunGap, or similar apps.

    Has anyone heard of a similar strategy? It seems like a poor business to kill off a lot of your own Suunto product, due to their own incompatible software upgrades.

  • @erick86 If you are correct I would be overjoyed!

  • @erick86 I doubt Suunto cares about Movescount app. The point is in killing the platform (the service) behind both the web and the app. They must have decided that it is too expensive for them to maintain Movescount platform.

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    @silentvoyager Web interface has been a big part of the Movescount app. I would hope that the new Suunto app will also eventually have web interface as well, which shouldn’t be too hard to build since most of the infrastructure already exists. Seems like the ability to use the app on a desktop computer is an integral part of the user experience for most people.

    If web interface was developed for the Suunto app, this is how the earlier non-Bluetooth watches could still be used with the new app. Same as how those watches link to Movescount right now.

    So many options. But there sure seems to be support from the Suunto community to keep these earlier models useable, and also for web interface for the new app.

    Two birds with one stone.

  • @Brad_Olwin this argument is getting a bit long in the tooth. Noone was questioning the support of these products before the digital future announcement.
    It is not speculation, it is the explicit direction that suunto is taking. IF they retract in the future, it is a different matter.
    MC is planned to shut down. Fact.

  • @erick86 said in It is simply unbelievable that Suunto Ambit will no longer be supported!!!:

    If web interface was developed for the Suunto app, this is how the earlier non-Bluetooth watches could still be used with the new app.

    Sorry for being pedantic, but web interface has nothing to do with syncing earlier non-Bluetooth watches. There is Moveslink program that runs on computer that isn’t a part of web interface. It downloads data from a watch via USB and uploads it to Movescount. After it is uploaded you could see your activity with an app even if there wasn’t a web interface.

    What Suunto could do is to upload activities to the service behind Suunto App instead of Movescount. I think a change like that should be fairly straightforward. That would allow older watches to at least sync activities. Then those activities would show up in Suunto App. I guess that wouldn’t be ideal but still better than nothing.

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    Same question here: what with my ambit 2?

    I do not follow the Suunto news that much and was only aware of these developments the e-mail sent out by Suunto end of April.

    I bought my Ambit 2 late 2014.
    The first Ambit 3 was already out by then, but as I didn’t need the wireless connectivity for tracking heart rate while swimming, or connectivity to a smart phone and was on a budget, I purchased the Ambit 2.

    It had everything I needed and still checks all the boxes today.
    For me it looked better than a Garmin or Polar, because I felt I could do more with it then just go running or cycling (for example by having the many different sport modes, which I could even customise).

    If I had to choose now, I would still choose it now: I do not need bluetooth, touch screen, color screen, … on my watch like the Suunto 9, Spartan, …

    So if movescount has to disappear, my vote goes to a platform that can be accessed on a pc (bigger screen than phone…), where I can upload data, download routes I create, create sport modes, … and connect with my cable.
    Any replacement should have the same capabilities as Movescount.
    But for me movescount is perfect, so in my opinion “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

    What is the best way to follow the n

  • For your information @Suunto, after following you for years and buying an Ambit, Ambit 3, 9 Baro, and a D5… After the lack of visibility in your “digital transformation”, and the attempts of suggesting a vegan life by email, I bought a Fenix 6.

    Keep on doing nonsense and I won’t be the last one.

    PS. I hope you find a good solution for my Ambit. It’s still a good piece of equipment and I don’t plan to decommission it.

  • @SalvaG said in It is simply unbelievable that Suunto Ambit will no longer be supported!!!:

    I bought a Fenix 6.

    @Suunto hope the clever marketing guys at Suunto who started this mess are listening …

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    @SalvaG said in It is simply unbelievable that Suunto Ambit will no longer be supported!!!:

    and the attempts of suggesting a vegan life by email

    Erm… say what ? 🙂

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