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    Suunto, I am concerned about the approach to the sunset of MovesCount, as I understand it.

    As an Ambit owner, when I read the announcement it leads me to believe I will have no supported future option for extracting and sync’ing data from my watch. This renders what was a class-leading activity tracking device, when I purchased it, as little more than an expensive, tough watch which needs charging more often than most watches. Obviously, this is very disappointing.

    I understand that products have life cycles and sunset. Others may respond that I’m still in the dark ages with my first gen Ambit and I need to trade up. However, one of the value propositions of a Suunto watch when I purchased it was that it was tough and built to last. I will gladly pay a premium for that kind of quality. Indeed, mine has been to the top of mountains, through caves, on Cascadian peaks and in African savannahs. It has not failed me once. In fact, it has saved me from a dangerous situation that was potentially life threatening on at least one occasion. When Fitbit-wearing friends ask what kind of “smart watch” I’m wearing, I get to tell them the kinds of adventures it’s been on long before Apple’s foray entered the market. This ruggedness value has been realized and part of what makes me a champion for the brand. A friend recently purchased a new Suunto on my recommendation.

    I appreciate that you cannot and should not continue to provide two software solutions. As a technology architecture professional I empathize with this. However, rendering a device obsolete because the accompanying software solution is sunsetting undermines some of your core product strengths - durability, reliability and longevity.

    I urge you to carefully consider options for Ambit/Ambit2 owners that allows us to continue to at least extract and use the data our devices collect. A simple solution with little investment on Suunto’s part will be better than none at all. I personally sync my data with Strava anyway. I just need to be able to get it there.

    I will continue to use my Ambit through 2019. How Suunto responds to Ambit/Ambit2 owners over this next year will have a significant effect on how I perceive your customer experience and my next choice of device and brand. I will take advantage of community and open-source options if they arise, but using them because Suunto provided no supported option is a clear position from Suunto on what I should reasonably expect in future customer support, and consequently of my next device when mine does eventually quit.

    Thanks for the consideration. I remain hopeful you will respond positively to your Ambit customers and champions.

  • @joffwilliams Well said Joff and I’m in the exact same situation (with two people wearing Suunto Traverses too now on my recommendation following my, to date, very positive Ambit experience)

  • I can’t add anything more. I really like my Ambit2 Saphire and hope to use it for much longer than mid 2020 with all its function and with the capability to work on a 22+ inch monitor instead of a small smartphone on a sun-settings OS (Android).

  • @joffwilliams Exactly what I was thinking. I hope Suunto will consider some solution. It can’t be that hard. Hoping for the best. Expecting the worst.

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    @joffwilliams A well reasoned and well said statement!

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    I do not follow the Suunto news that much and was only aware of these developments the e-mail sent out by Suunto end of April.

    Very well put!

    My father was an avid Ambit user. Hiking, Climbing, Trekking, Running, Alpinism - Winter & Summer.
    After a while I got jealous and bought my Ambit 2 late 2014.
    The first Ambit 3 was already out by then, but as I didn’t need the wireless connectivity for tracking heart rate while swimming, or connectivity to a smart phone and was on a budget, I purchased the Ambit 2.

    I think now, I would still chose Ambit 3 over Spartan or Suunto 9: I do not need a colored touch screen on my watch that I take in to the outdoors, where it is likely to be bashed by rock and ice…
    And I can’t operate a touch screen with gloves…

    It had everything I needed and still checks all the boxes today.
    For me it looked better than a Garmin or Polar, because I felt I could do more with it then just go running or cycling (for example by having the many different sport modes, which I could even customise).

    So my vote goes to a platform that can be accessed on a pc, where I can upload data, download routes I create, create sport modes, … and connect with my cable.
    Any replacement should have the same capabilities as Movescount.
    But for me movescount is perfect, so in my opinion “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

    I indeed also link through to Strava, where I have linked the Stravistics / Elevate app.
    As an engineer I have always been a freak for numbers and love the analysis I can do of my work-outs or outdoor trips in the mountains.

    What is the best way to follow the news on this subject and where can we show Suunto that we would not like movescount to disappear?

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