Diving and EON Steel

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    I have tried connecting the EON Steel to view dives. Some initial questions.
    1 Being British I like to record running and cycling in imperial but dives in metric, would it be possible to set preferred units to activities or am I alone in this?
    2 Dives in “CCR” mode don’t detail the gas used, it seems to list all the gases stored in the dive computer so I have six gases on my activity, but I only used one.
    3 It would be nice to enter the dive site and possibly the GPS and maybe the ability to store known sites. I suspect this would effectively make a dive app.

    Thank you

  • I’m not fussed about units, also being British, Its about time the UK gave up on imperial 😉
    It would be great if the location could be set like on the movescount app and even better if it took the location from the current phone GPS position.

    I’m not sure if the app will sync if you have no mobile data available which is often the case when you’re on a liveaboard trip away from any mobile phone masts. Would be great to sync your dive with the phone on the boat and set a GPS location, then the phone can sync to the cloud when a data connection is available again. Bearing in mind though, you may have 20-odd dives on a liveaboard trip before you get back to land.

    Would also be nice to add a dive number to match your real logbook dive number so you can easily cross reference.

    Sadly, I’ve lost faith in Suunto delivering a decent mobile app, particularly for their dive products, so I won’t hold my breath!

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