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    @pcjmfranken I will withdraw my self from this argument (old phone experience) vs the ambits, as I better understand your point regarding the Ambit. But as an ex iphone 4 user till some months ago, I d have sincerely to argue that you can use that device to proper browse the web or even perform an Auth or navigate. Perhaps its the perpective or that apple slows down prev devices. In any case it’s a different subject that wont add value in this conversion from what I see. Lets focus on Ambits and their support.

    Perhaps btw this helps to take a look at

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    After all, pretty sure there are lots of software developers around. Make A2 / Movescount thing open-source and that should do 🙂 no pain and no money supporting it.

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    @Alex-Nedovizii just posted about a possible solution

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos thank you, haven’t mentioned it. Sorry! This is at least something 🙂

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    @Alex-Nedovizii Just to be clear. I DO UNDERSTAND that this is bad NEWS for the AMBIT2 users (the most + others) and I have no intension to smoothen this by posting something like: Oh look you can sync with that thing (

    I just post this from a personal perspective, as if I was an ambit user, perhaps after this news I would definitely try to see what I can do in regards to other SW for sync and getting my data out.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    is that really the truth?

    think that will be the dead end then for these watches, majority of setting on the tseries and early ambits (non BT) can only be adjusted via the connection e.g. the POD’s can only be paired in the watch but can’t be activated for a particular sportmode, compass declination, bike pod calibration factors, gps accuracy levels, resting HR from bodymetrics … all of them come from a movescount sync only so over time these non ‘supported watches’ will get stuck with last settings somewhere from 2020 then…

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    So to understand your blocker atm. You use movescount because you have one place that your have routes collected and you prefer to only use WEB for route creation.

    What stops you from importing these routes to SA now , via any feasible way, so you can use them, and edit / import export/ on any other service? In the future you will be even able to share those. Is this such a big deal for you? I am not arguing but rather trying to understand 100%. That is because atm from this announcement, routes is the least worry imo, and partially it’s a feature well done in SA.

    Assume then my main route storage is SA - as there is no web interface in SA i cannot preview/edit/update them other than by either doing it on the phone (not feasible with detailed tracks required small fiddly changes) or by previewing in SA, exporting it to other platform, editing and then reimporting it.

    If my main storage is elsewhere I loose the connection to the watch - I will have to export the route to GPX and then import into SA and then sync to wath. I actually think that is messy.

    I either loose the quick load into watch or the workable catalogue.

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    @Tobias-F Ok clear. I am not familiar with the A2/T watches.

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    @Alex-Nedovizii There’s almost zero incentive to get started on a massive project like that though. It’ll simply cost way too much time to produce a minimally working product, which would still be at the mercy of API changes further down the road.

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    @Robert-Rundqvist Got it now! Thanks a lot for this.

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    Oh my … I need a whole day to read this


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    Looks like a big tasty mud cake for trolls

    😁 😁 😁

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    And it will cost Suunto a lot of customers…
    If Suunto really disappointed a lot of Ambit2 users (I’m one of them) I would never buy a Suunto again.

  • @awinkel
    think so as well, Suunto might not fully realize yet these days software sells hardware…

  • I really can’t believe that creating a web version for the Suunto app is under discussion and Suunto needs feedback in order to decide about it. The option to be able to view and analyse your data on a pc web platform as powerful and analytical as Movescount (contrary to the “childish” SportsTracker we currently got) is elementary. There is a good reason everyone else has it and innovating and standing out is not about giving less, rather than giving more.

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    @Tobias-F do you believe that this is the case after all the announcements? Its a service transition to better SW imo or eyes. Suunto might know a bit better it’s internal systems and when it’s time to transition. No?

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos From a technical perspective, probably yes. But in the process you’ll lose all the goodwill you’ve built up with your customers in the process.

    Think this is a shitshow? Wait until the majority of Ambit 2 and diving watch users find out their watch will no longer work in 2020. None of those people, their friends or family will every buy any Suunto product ever again.

  • @valdis830 You mean Suunto’s modern watchs? I’m still not sure they work better than old Ambit 3 Peak…

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    @pcjmfranken To be honest I dont like these words:

    Think this is a shitshow? Wait until the majority of Ambit 2 and diving watch users find out their watch will no longer work coming next summer. None of those people, their friends or family will every buy any Suunto product ever again.

    I am the messenger here and as much as I am trying to help you this does not help me stay on this conversation. Mainly the tone. However, due to the sh#$ you mentioned I ll continue to gather what I can.

    I am not sure how many people will actually get in this storm. I guess we will learn eventually. However just by looking now at some stats the users that have A2 are few compared to everyone else, a small percentage.

    That said it’s an announcement made now, its not about next summer which is in like 6 months but in almost 2 years the earliest.

    I am also kinda sure Suunto will do something for those users. So please direct constructive feedback friend.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos ‘better software’ ? with todays’s announcement (the first officially about Movescount future from Suunto by the way) it’s a regression and reduction of service quality and functionality, removing the web front end, limiting to an mobile app only without proper backwards compatibility for existing devices as sold today, no I don’t think Suunto know what there are doing with this existing ecosystem of 1.35Mill Movescount user accounts to be honest…

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    Just thinking out loud - Suunto is still listing Traverse & Ambit3 and so do retailers; unless specs, marketing materials and user guides are updated, one would still expect 2 year warranty and availability of all promised functionality, including those that need a certain remote service to be up and running. At least in EU this might turn into quite an interesting debate about consumer rights. Or perhaps there is a reason why Suunto social media channels are quiet and there’s no news about it at

    Considering limited resources, current priorities and those features being rather specific, itsn’t it rather likely that Ambit3 users will never see a workout planner nor Suunto Apps once Movescount is retired?

    I also wonder if someone at Suunto has played with the idea of opening up some parts of legacy protocols and codebase? Licensing & other legal terms can’t put a block to everything, can they? Openambit, one of alternative sync clients, has reached to a point where it can replace Movelisnk2 for quite a few Linux users and also provides codebase for some Android projects. Yet it’s not complete. Donating some intellectual property for a community would be seen as quite a nice PR move, I’d assume.

    Or might there be some hints for the future in a fact that SuuntoLink can actually get along with Ambits?

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    @Tobias-F Well that is the start. Its not closing one and switching to the other now. Would you have prefered for this announce to happen lets say next year?

    You say :

    no I don’t think Suunto know what there are doing with this existing ecosystem of 1.35Mill Movescount user accounts to be honest…

    How do you know that number?

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    What can I say? This escalated quickly 😂

    Poor @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos! I think the next few days you’ll put in your month’s worth of hours into this forum 😓 Hold in there! The real joy is coming when Suunto pulls the plug on Movescount. Though Adidas’ miCoach went out with more of a whisper than a bang. But then it never had much following to begin with.

    @akamatos said in Important news concerning our digital services:

    I really can’t believe that creating a web version for the Suunto app is under discussion and Suunto needs feedback in order to decide about it.

    For all we know, Suunto might be working on a web based companion as we speak. Hell, they might be working on a progressive web app as some already mentioned here, that would work equally well on the desktop and phones. The Movescount isn’t shutting down tomorrow. Not even a year from now. Mid-2020 is a long, long way off, and where there’s 18 months, there can be 24, or even 36. Hell, they may leave it running for Ambit2 and older dive computer users and lock everyone else out for all we know.

    Then there’s something to be said about building an open data gathering platform (your Suunto watch) that feeds data into other services or integrates analysis from them, be it Strava, Training Peaks, and what not. I understand people want to have a full featured set of free services attached to their device, but how many of you still rely on premium Strava, Training Peaks, Sports Tracks, and other subscriptions because what’s included in “free” is often inadequate? Perhaps, not trying to be everything for everyone and focusing on core competencies is a viable path forward too?

    I’m wondering how many Ambit2 users are still out there? Will be there two years from now this Suunto move notwithstanding?

    Somebody brought up the iPhone analogy. Yes, you can still use your older iPhone assuming you paid for a battery and most likely a screen replacement. Better still, why not compare Ambit2 situation with the original “Series 0” Apple Watch? Apples to apples, no pun intended! 😀 Tried running anything on it lately? Sometimes you don’t have to shutdown a service to effectively end a device… Just saying. Not for flaming.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos Whether the s/w is better or not is not the key question though. If the s/w only exists/runs on a physical platform which is ill-suited to the type of usage. Reviewing and planning routes is never going to be either ‘as good’ or ‘better’ on a phone screen as on a larger screen. Similarly, ‘serious’ analysis of post-activity data is far less satisfactory on a small screen than a large one. Whilst both those things may be possible on a small screen, they are not better and hence the s/w, taking into account where it runs as well as what it does, is also not better.

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