Android 3.53.0

  • Changes:

    • GPX import
    • Additional Bug fixes & performance improvements

    Known issues & limitations:

    • Watch SW required 1.12.36
    • Mobile notifications are not filtered for watch
    • For the latest feature changes Suunto app may be only available in English. Translations for other supported languages may be incorrect or incomplete. In Beta we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only

    Additional forum details:


    • Strava china failed to connect
    • A frame can be seen around goal wheel in white mode
    • Remove Avg. from Avg. Temperature text in Summary
    • diary not updated when data changes
    • Pace line on chart is shown up side down


    • Hide 247 diary tabs for legacy devices
    • ambit3 traverse ui manage connection
    • Fix fetching all necessary data for diary graphs
    • Use Mapbox helmet logo in static map images
    • removed gauges in dashboard with legacy/dive devices
    • Error message (alert dialog) for GPX route import
    • 8pt grid to diary items
    • Sync fragment, layout and wiring for redesigned watch view
    • Skip line chart data points with no data in diary


    • Add ambit3 move binaries to logs sent from users
    • fixed handling of failed firebase remote config fetching
    • fix null pointer gender preferences