iOS 0.4.0 (5851)

  • Suunto 0.4.0 (5851)


    • Added clarification about Suunto + Sports Tracker collaboration when finding friends via Facebook (#1461)
    • Modified password recovery text to be more informative (#1458)

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed user interface issues occurring on iPhone X (#1463)

    Known issues & limitations:

    • The Suunto app is currently only available in English. Translations for other supported languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Finnish) may be incorrect or incomplete. During the Beta we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only.
    • Some measurements, such as recovery time, ascent, descent, shown in the app may not match those shown on the watch.
    • Routes are not yet synchronised with the watch.
    • GPS optimisation is temporarily disabled.