iOS 1.4.0 (6486)

  • Changes:
    • Added Strava connection
    • Share & edit buttons on workout cards
    • Tooltip for routing
    • Show connected devices in scan
    • Remote configuration for partner connections
    • Default map zoom level changed closer
    • Updated localizations
    • Notifications are marked as read after backing from details view
    • Separated terms&policy for Suunto app and ST
    • New localization added
    • Version change to 1.4.0
    • Route speed edit

    • Changed avg HR to bpm in workout cards
    • Ensuring that badge of notification does not flicker with wrong count of unread notification count
    • Fix for truncated attributed string in Sportmodes list view
    • Watch last activity number shown too big in syncing
    • Keyboard animation and layout issue under routes
    • Eliminate pauses in charts
    • Add extra manual lap
    • C-GPS for S3F is bad
    • Fixed wrong calculated graph points for HR in route trend
    • Performance issues in feed and diary
    • Wrong scale in fitness level graph
    • Route speed should not be undone by tapping route editing undo button
    • Route list use in watch button
    • Polish language crashes app on first open
    • App crashes when no network

    Known issues and limitations:
    • Google authentication fails in Strava connection
    • Some devices do not support Sport Mode customization at the moment:
      - All Spartan devices with ESW lower than 2.0.42
      - With 2.0.42 customization is supported, but sport mode names cannot be changed
    • Display text for the latest features in Suunto app may appear in English even if your phone is set to some other language.
    • During the Beta we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only.

    Some more additional notes about this one:

    So it is here it is finally Strava, Strava and Strava
    We know some issues you may see or be aware already from Movescount to Strava connection, but please report the issues you can find anyway.