Android 3.42.0

  • Changes:
    *Additional Bug fixes & performance improvements
    Known issues & limitations:
    *Watch SW required 1.12.36
    *Mobile notifications are not filtered for watch
    *For the latest feature changes Suunto app may be only available in English. Translations for other supported languages may be incorrect or incomplete. In Beta we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only.

    Additional forum details:
    Note: These addition notes can be now seen as teasers for work that has been informed earlier that we will implement ‘soonish’. This 3.42.0 aims to production release and is improving connectivity issues. That’s why we can’t put anything ‘betaish’ aka ‘in the middle of implementation’ into this one. You see nothing about 3rd party but Strava is coming! It is mandatory and we know it. We will test that too in beta before production.


    • Fixes for the issues with legacy reconnect refresh
    • Intervals display field change error for Sport Modes
    • Ordering issue for sport mode displays
    • Issues with saving sport modes
    • string formatting and escape issues
    • crash when starting app paired watch BT disabled
    • crash when syncing after pairing
    • Job schedule crash for system events job
    • Route name activity overlap
    • Improvements edit route button layout
    • View overlaps in edit route layout when keyboard visible
    • Max Route Name Length
    • Request doze mode whitelisting only once.
    • Adaptive training plan setting not read correctly from watch
    • Sync gets stuck if route sync fails
    • Norwegian bokmål translations missing
    • Make activity summary values consistent between mobile and watch
    • Crash in SharingOptionsFragment
    • Fixed issue routes not being synced to watch
    • Keep duration precision when syncing from watch
    • Fixed: error icon continues to show up after successfully syncing a previously failed route
    • Sports Tracker crashes when browsing monthly activities in summaries view


    • Surface time format
    • Backend integration for Sport Modes
    • fix layout for data grid
    • st retention improvement phase1
    • Sport mode design fixes (part2)
    • Dive: Algorithm in summary data page
    • Refactor summary data for feed and sportie with dive support
    • Routes syncing from watch to app
    • Sport mode design fixes (part 1)
    • Ambit3/Traverse routes sync
    • individual dive summary
    • Disable sport mode customization when device is busy
    • Replace GoogleMap with SuuntoMap map in route details activity
    • Add check for support mode, disable name change for devices without name change support


    • Stream extensions for dive extension