Android 3.40.0

  • Changes:
    *First iteration of sport mode customization
    *Route sync
    *Additional Bug fixes & performance improvements
    Known issues & limitations:
    *Watch SW required 1.12.36
    *Mobile notifications are not filtered for watch
    *For the latest feature changes Suunto app may be only available in English. Translations for other supported languages may be incorrect or incomplete. In Beta we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only.

    Additional forum details:


    • Crash in feed when scrolling
    • App crash when opening notification settings
    • Fix route ormlite and crash when creating route
    • Fixed crash in dashboard with activity data bottom sheet
    • Show notification icon always
    • Fix free drawing ascent null issue
    • Notifications icon not visible
    • Subsequent watch connect call may miss connection event.


    • Route syncing error handling and add to watch toggle implementation
    • Added missing voice feedback translations for workout tracking with phone
    • Delete route from watch
    • Optimize data write to watch
    • Compress route points if above limit
    • Whitelist app from doze mode
    • Show ascent info on route planner if only available
    • Show more informative error message when offline route creating
    • Route planner UI redesigned
    • Fetch route points with altitude
    • Fetch altitude info while creating a new route

  • Against the communication in this release note, the Custom Sport modes are not yet visible for the user in this release. My apologies for this ‘teaser’.