Syncing directly to fitbit app.

  • Suunto’s hardware is superior to that of garmin, fitbit, sony, apple, whatever else. The interface on the watch is condensed and free of fluff like music and emails. I like this. Without a doubt the watch is the most durable, longest lasting battery, and has the ability to measure various data. Accurate GPS, barometer. The ability to be warn in harsher conditions. (I am a carpenter and my low quality fitbit just deteriorated after a few months)

    My only concern is the app. I have heard many mixed things and I am wondering why Suunto doesn’t open up the compatibility. For example I have friends with the fitbit app, and it would be fun to join their weekly steps challenges, or use fitbit’s interface to track meal planning and sleep quality all in one place. Instead of Suunto working to get their app up to speed, or deciding to keep it limited for people who are in the niche of not wanting this stuff . . . why don’t they just make it possible to sync the watch to fitbit app? Or is this fitbit to be blamed?

    It seems like an easy solution. Fitbit watches lack quality, buy a suunto, suunto’s app lacks depth, use the fitbit app.

    What am I missing?

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    @badboy1997 Fitbit is not open source that’s the reason and suunto with Fitbit are competitive companies…Imagine Fitbit allows to sync from suunto for free, so it is like shooting to your foot 😄

  • Maybe it wasn’t available when this topic was created, but Fitbit has a full API that can be used to sync data from the Suunto app if Sunnto wanted to build it in.
    Something that Suunto is really missing is the level of community that Fitbit has, and I would really like to be able to continue to use that community while using my Suunto sports watch rather than a Fitbit. Looked over the API and it’s certainly possible.

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    You know that Fitbit can also connect to Suunto right? We also have an API Zone for partners.

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